How I Met Your Mother: 5 Best Parenting Moments On The Show (& 5 Worst)

How I Met Your Mother follows the hardships that Ted Mosby faces in finding the woman of his dreams. The show was one of the most-watched and the highest-rated in 2013 when its final season aired. Following the many ups and downs of five friends, HIMYM offered mystery, humor, and a unique structure that glued its audience to the show. One of the many interesting parts of the show was the parenting moments.

1. BAD: Ted Tells His Kids Everything

It’s good to have such a relationship with your kids that you can share anything and everything with them. But should one do so? Ted told his kids every single detail of what all he did before finally finding the woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life. He told them all the mess he got himself into and other dreadful details about his and his friends’ lives.

2. GOOD: Jerome Helps Barney Take His Hoop

When Barney got to know that Uncle Jerry was his actual father, he was angry and sad at the same time and wasn’t sure how to react. But seeing his stepbrother JJ got the love of a father and had an almost perfect childhood, he got jealous and couldn’t keep himself from taking away his basketball hoop. Instead of arguing or stopping Barney, Jerome helped him in taking the hoop down and assured him if he was ready to accept, he would always be there for him.

3. BAD: Loretta Lied To Barney

No matter what happened in the past, every child has the right to know who their parents are. But Loretta never wanted to face the truth and kept both Barney and James in the dark. Barney actually believed her when she told him that Bob Barker from The Price is Right was his father. But Barney never felt that something was missing since he believed that Loretta was all he needs in life.

4. GOOD: Barney Forgave Loretta

Everything should end on a good note, and so did the lies that Loretta had been telling Barney for years. Barney forgave Loretta for lying to him about who his real father was and a lot of other lies she told him over the years.

5. BAD: Mickey’s Never There

Lily’s father was the exact opposite of how her in-laws were. During every big event of Lily’s life, Mickey made sure that was busy elsewhere, mostly involved with his board game business. He spent so much on his board game business that he had to move back in with his parents and make his father work.

6. GOOD: Barney Pledges His Life

After years of playing around and finding schemes to get in bed with women, Barney thought about how if he couldn’t make it work with Robin he won’t be able to work it with anyone. But sadly it didn’t turn out very well. However, when Barney first held his daughter Ellie, he pledged that everything he was and everything he had was all for her.

7. BAD: Ted’s Parents Never Tell Him Anything

The reason why Ted shared with his kids every little detail of his life was because he was always left out of what was happening in his parents’ lives. In Season 2 Episode 3 titled “Brunch”, Ted found out that his parents got divorced long ago and that his father set his mother up with another guy, Clint. That wasn’t all he also found out that his grandmother was no more, a lot later than when it actually happened.

8. GOOD: Marvin Was Marshall’s Best Friend

Most of the kids have that one parent who means almost everything to them. For Marshall, his father, Marvin, was everything to him, his father, teacher, friend, brother. One of the most depressing parts of the show was Marvin passing away when no one was ready for it, not even the fans.

9. BAD: Played Who Wants To Be a Godparent

Marshall and Lily’s son, Marvin, was very loved a lot by everybody. But the couple couldn’t really choose who would be the godparent. But them deciding on the godparent by playing the game “Who Wants To Be a Godparent” was definitely a bad parenting move.

10. GOOD: Robin’s Mom Arrives

Neither the fans nor the characters other than Robin had seen her mother, Geneviève Scherbatsky, on the show. But her mother not attending her wedding because of her fear of flying was definitely not justified. But how could a mother not attend her own daughter’s wedding, so she showed up and level of happiness could easily be felt in the scene.


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