We Miss Kaley Cuoco On Big Bang Theory, So Here Are 5 Pics Of Penny

Every show that gets the chance to air on television would love to become a smashing success in an instant, but the truth is that most of them fall flat and don’t last long at all. Every once in a while, a series can become popular with fans, and only the rarest ones reach the top and haul in millions of dollars for the people involved. As it were, The Big Bang Theory was a series that wound up being a gigantic success on the small screen, which was nothing but great news for actress Kaley Cuoco.

Kaley was tasked with playing the character Penny on the series, and she would be perfect for the role. Penny was a huge part of the series, and fans got to watch her learn and grow as a character over the years. Now that the series is over, fans are going back and watching their favorite episodes all over again.

5.Comfy In Bed

big-bang-theory-convergence-16.jpg (740×747)

Penny is one of the most memorable characters from the series, and this is largely thanks to the work of Kaley Cuoco. This photo is of Penny while she is comfy in bed, and she has a cute smirk on her face. Cuoco could not have been more perfect for the role.

4.Having A Laugh

5c390857a9d9f0a59baebc0b7b3c753ddf13d60a.jpg (740×370)

Working on a series like The Big Bang Theory must have been a ton of fun, and we imagine that the performers snuck in a few organic laughs into scenes. This photo here looks like a genuine laugh from Cuoco, and it helped make the scene feel real for the fans watching.

3.Getting Down

775c02e636a95923d00e0c5ca41c612d-e1575921460450.jpg (740×797)

Any excuse to watch Kaley Cuoco on the small screen is a good one, especially when she is dancing and having some fun for the audience. Fans were glad that her character was properly developed instead of being bland, and Cuoco brought so much to each episode.

2.Wedding Bells

penny-bbt-pink.jpg (740×1110)

No matter what Penny is wearing, she always looks great, and it definitely helps that Kaley Cuoco is a beautiful performer. This photo of her attending a wedding is from an iconic moment on the series, and to no one’s surprise, she was able to stand out from the rest.

1.Pajama Day

0488811d7606adb03b17f89f8f66ef88.jpg.pro-cmg.jpg (740×1110)

Earlier on in the series, Penny was not as involved with the boys and she wound up becoming, and she was just the attractive neighbor from across the way. This photo here is of Cuoco wearing her pajamas, and we can only imagine what the people on set were thinking.

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