14 TV Fan Theories That Will Change Your Perspective

Fan theories make the story plots more interesting through viewers’ points of view. It provides an opportunity for the fans to explore where the plot could head or formulate assumptions based on the hidden details and form a background to the events happening in the story. Either way, fan theories are a big part of the industry, and it is impressive to know how much attention fans pay to the story. Social media pages are usually flooded with TV fan theories, and they are pretty exciting to read. Some of them do come true, while some of them simply remain to be a theory.
We have made a compilation of 14 such mind-blowing TV fan theories collected from various social media pages that will change your perspective.

1. Jon’s resurrection in Game of Thrones

Fans had speculated way before we saw Jon coming back to life at the end of season 5. Do you still remember your reaction to Jon’s death? George R R Martin has no mercy for his favorite characters, and that gave us so many plot twists.

2. Breaking Bad is the prequel to The Walking Dead

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This TV fan theory will surely change your perspective. There’s speculation from a fan who says, convincingly, that Breaking Bad is a prequel to The Walking Dead. Because there are many connecting links in both the plots, like the blue meth in the second episode, similar names of characters (Glenn, Gus, etc.) add to this Jesse Pinkman’s description as the janky drug dealer.

3. Barney’s true nature in How Met Your Mother

An interesting fan theory suggests that Barney’s true nature isn’t what is depicted in the show- womanizer. In fact, he’s totally opposite to it. Still, since Ted is the narrator, he tells his kids (out of jealousy) that Barney is a womanizer so that they would believe that Barney is unsuitable for Robin and that Ted and Robin should belong together.

4. SpongeBob is The Krusty Krab’s secret formula

Krusty Krab has a bottle with a paper containing the secret formula, but this theory says that there isn’t any secret formula at all. Their “formula” is SpongeBob because before him working there and after being fired, they didn’t do much business, but it ran well when SpongeBob cooked. So maybe Krab and Squidward can’t cook, so they need SpongeBob for their business.

5. Characters from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This TV fan theory will surely change your perspective. It says that the characters, Dennis, Dee, and Mac, as actually portrayed, aren’t this pretty and attractive. In fact, they are unattractive since they are the narrators of the story; they made themselves sound muscular and attractive. It only makes sense since almost everyone else they meet is disgusted by them.

6. Nine circles of Hell in American Horror Story

The theory is very interesting and was acknowledged by the show’s creator Ryan Murphy too. The theory says that the plot is based on the nine circles of Hell described in Dante’s Inferno. The nine seasons of the show have been released, each featuring nine sins: limbo, fraud, treachery, greed, gluttony, anger, heresy, lust, and violence. There is an upcoming double feature, season 10, which might feature entirely new cast.

7. Scranton Strangler in The Office is Toby Flenderson

This theory is very popular and makes sense too. It says Toby Flenderson is actually the Scranton Strangler since the strangler begins striking, particularly after Jim starts dating Pam, who is Toby’s crush too. We also saw the car we saw during the chase, which was later in the office’s parking lot, and he was the only person missing during the viewing.

8. There is nothing unusual in Courage the Cowardly Dog

The theory says that everything that appeared to be unusual and weird was, in fact, normal, but the dog didn’t see it that way. This TV theory is prevalent, and it actually makes sense to change our perspective towards the show. The name also suggests the same thing in the first place that the dog was a coward and feared everything unknown to him hence the weirdness.

9. Michael Scott from The Office had a disturbing childhood

This is one of those TV fan theories that completely changes your perspective towards Michael Scott, and he is no more a weird person. It says that he most probably had a disturbing childhood and was molested. The saddest part is he thinks it was gross but normal. There are so many hints in the show that now makes complete sense. Remember the second episode from season 7, Counselling, where he casually mentions “molesting” in his “session” with Toby and the lotion incidence from his childhood?

10. Scooby-Doo happened during Vietnam War

This theory says that the group of ragtag was escaping the draft since it premiered in 1969. The gang, coming from different backgrounds, get together to get out of there safely. This explains the rundown mills and parks and the shutting of businesses.

11. Aria is ‘A’ in Pretty Little Liars

The series is about the girls being tormented by someone calling themselves as ‘A.’ This theory will make you think otherwise of Aria. The mysterious messages started appearing after Aria returned after a year. Aria is suffering from dissociative identity disorder simply backs the theory.

12. Glen from Riverdale is trouble

It was hard to picture it this way, but the theory is pretty convincing. It says that Glen, Betty’s boyfriend, is actually the one who’s causing trouble and is trying to frame Betty. He’s never seen around other colleagues, plus he’s always sitting in the dark office.

13. Mr. Bean is actually an alien

The beginning of every episode of Mr. Bean was with him beamed down on Earth. This might add to the possibility that he is an alien sent to Earth. And now that he’s here he’s bizarre actions indicate to him trying to learn the “human” ways to perform specific tasks. This theory makes everything he does even funnier and makes sense with his actions.

14. Jack’s death in This is Us

The series brings out all kinds of emotions. When we find out that Jack is dead, we all feel sad. Fans speculated his death by going into a house that was set on fire to save Louie. We knew Jack as being a super dad who would do anything for his family. And this theory did come true in season 2, the fourteenth episode.


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