14 TV Show Stories So Stupid We Are Sure The Writers Just Said “What The Hell” & Went Along

Have you ever watched a series from the start, loved it, and at some point think, “Okay, what the hell is happening?” Some series start so well, and suddenly the writers just run out of ideas and do something bizarre and out of the ordinary with the character. This basically ruins the show for the audience. Here are 19 TV shows so stupid we are sure the writers just said “what the hell” and went along.

1. When it was revealed randomly on the original Gossip Girl that Dan was Gossip Girl. It didn’t make sense simply because, during the series, Dan genuinely reacted to posts of Gossip Girl.

2. When Daenerys burned King’s Landing on the Game of Thrones. It made no sense as her entire character was about justice, compassion and empathy.

3. On The 100, Clarke decided to shoot her best friend, Bellamy, in the final season. It was quite uncharacteristic.

4. On Stranger Things, Eleven decided to find Kali and joined her on a revengeful mission to kill Hawkins Lab employees. The entire development of Eleven’s character has been broken, just to bring her back to her original life as if nothing ever had happened.

5. Rachel quit her dream job on Broadway, which she had worked hard for her entire life and had talked about nonstop for years so that she could go to LA on Glee.

6. Blaine cheated on Kurt with a random guy from Facebook on Glee when he had second thoughts about his relationship with him. He even dated Kurt’s biggest bully on a completely separate occasion.

7. On Friends, despite being a vegetarian for her entire life, Phoebe easily caved and ate meat, although it was her main characteristic. All this was out of character because of the authors’ obvious ignorance.

8. When Kimmy tried drinking and driving on Full House, she continued to act as if it wasn’t a big deal, even after she sobered up. The entire exchange between DJ and Kimmy seemed out of place.

9. When Topanga dismissed a Yale Bursary to go to a community college and be close to Cory, on Boy Meets World. Topanga was so intelligent and practical, but it was a serious lack of decision and judgment.

10. On Shameless when Fiona left her cocaine in the kitchen with reluctance, and Liam got ahold. She worked so hard to raise these kids at her own expense, but doing cocaine and leaving it in the house did not make sense.

11. On Gilmore Girls, Rory left Yale because someone told her that she wouldn’t do it as a journalist. It literally made no sense!

12. Deb stopped caring about morals and began covering up for Dexter after discovering he was a serial killer on Dexter. It’s a crime against television to see a character who started as such a strong, smart, badass character devolve into a puddle of nonsense.

13. On Parks and Rec when Leslie and Ron literally for years stopped speaking with each other simply because Leslie forgot to cancel lunch plans. Ron was so upset with her that it was just not normal!

14. On Scandal, Olivia Pope altered herself and changed her entire personality, and in Season 6 became a power-hungry villain. This felt like a personal betrayal.

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