Friends: Each Main Character’s Best & Worst Quirk

All the characters in Friends have unique personality traits that set them apart from each other, as well as from the cast of other sitcoms. The writers did an excellent job of distinguishing everyone in the friend group, and their specific attributes help them feel well developed and fleshed out.
Similar to real life, the characters have good quirks as well as bad ones. They all have an oddity that makes life harder for themselves and those around them, and one that makes them especially fun and entertaining.

Chandler Bing: Extremely Self-Aware, But Also Flies To Yemen To Avoid A Breakup

Best: It’s never easy for someone to admit their flaws, but Chandler has no problem being honest about his strengths and weaknesses. He can even be too hard on himself, but the show has him overexaggerate for comedic purposes. It’s natural to feel self-conscious, which is what makes Chandler’s tendency to shout his shortcomings to the world so peculiar. However, acknowledgment is the first step to self-improvement.

Worst: Chandler will do anything to avoid an awkward conversation. There are people who lie about moving to soften the blow of a breakup, and then there is Chandler, who will actually buy a plane ticket and go. Traveling all the way to Yemen to end his relationship with Janice wasn’t the right way for him to handle the situation, but it did make for a hilarious episode.

Monica Geller: Enjoys Cleaning, But Also Vacuums Her Vacuum

Best: Although the other characters like to make fun of her for it, being clean and organized is a great trait to have. And it’s not unusual to want to keep things around the house looking reputable, but Monica wants it to be spotless. Monica genuinely finds cleaning fun, which, in a way, makes her lucky. Cleaning does need to get done one way or the other, and people put it off because they don’t enjoy it.

Worst: Ironically, Monica’s best and worst quirk tie together. It’s great that she enjoys cleaning, but the amount of time she spends doing it causes problems. Monica uses a handheld vacuum to clean her normal-sized vacuum and even wants a smaller vacuum to clean the handheld one. In fact, her standards for cleanliness are so high that Phoebe moved out because she couldn’t take it.

Phoebe Buffay: Writes Hilarious Songs, But Overly Superstitious

Best: While her songs are supposed to be bad, they’re one of the funniest things about Phoebe’s character. Her lyrics aren’t deep, and playing the guitar isn’t her strong suit, but the Central Perk customers always appear to be entertained. Serious music about love and heartbreak can be found by switching on the radio, but only Phoebe Buffay sings about smelly cats.

Worst: Phoebe is so superstitious that it interferes with her life. There are plenty of things that fans never understood about Phoebe Buffay, including how she was convinced that her dentist appointments caused death. She also believed that a lost cat was her mother, and didn’t want to return the animal to its rightful owner. It takes a lot of persuading to get Phoebe to do what needs to get done, but it’s always for the best.

Ross Geller: Loves To Get Married, But Always Gets Divorced

Best: Whether or not Ross is actually a good husband is a debate amongst fans, but he does have the mindset of a hopeless romantic. Putting the whole “we were on a break” plotline aside, Ross wants to commit to one woman and give her his all. He’s been married several times, making it clear that he’s looking for someone to settle down with. However, the real reason it’s Ross’s best quirk is that the show has a hilarious way of overexaggerating it.

Worst: The downside to Ross always getting married is that he always gets divorced. There are a lot of Ross Geller quotes that haven’t aged well in Friends, such as when he said he was secretly staying married to Rachel because he couldn’t have another failed marriage. In fact, Ross’ divorces were a running joke among the group.

Joey Tribbiani: A Huge Cuddler, But Overacts For Roles

Best: Joey has a lot of great quirks, but his love of cuddling is the best and the most underrated. Joey is always seen cuddling with the girls, but it doesn’t stop there. Joey begs Ross to cuddle during naps because of how well-rested it makes him. Even when he’s sitting in his chair alone, Joey has Huggsy, his “bedtime penguin pal” to hold onto. He tries to keep Huggsy a secret, even though it just makes Joey more lovable.

Worst: Joey works hard to prepare for auditions, and he has a surprisingly strong worth-ethic. However, he’s so dramatic that it’s questionable how he gets the roles he does. Joey’s acting skills do improve later in the series, but early on his acting is so over-the-top that it’s usually accompanied by a laugh track. His overacting is great for the show, but not so great for Joey’s career.

Rachel Green: Always Has A Witty Comeback, But Won’t Let Anything Near Her Eyes

Best: Out of all the characters, Rachel has the best quotes in Friends. Her comebacks are unbeatable, and the funniest ones are always directed at Ross. Rachel’s wittiness was a surprising, yet amusing attribute she developed over the series. The line, “no uterus, no opinion,” in response to Ross’s quip about Braxton Hick’s contractions, remains iconic to this day.

Worst: Although it’s an extremely specific quirk, there was an entire episode dedicated to Rachel’s fear of things being near her eyes. It becomes a problem when she develops an infection, and Monica ends up wrestling Rachel to the ground trying to give her eye drops. The friends plan an ambush and are able to keep her restrained long enough to administer them.


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