Friends: Each Main Character’s Best Quote

The main characters of Friends are staples of sitcom history. Although the show first aired decades ago, it’s popular amongst all age groups and continues to appeal to new generations. There’s no shortage of hilarious quotes in the best sitcoms, but there are lines from Friends that are especially memorable.
Everyone in the friend group brings something different to the table, and they’re the source of many internet memes. And whether it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever said, the most well-known, or perfectly epitomizes their personality, each Friends character has a quote that stands out above the rest.

Monica Geller: “If I Am Harsh With You It’s Only Because You’re Doing It Wrong.”

This line summarizes Monica Geller perfectly. At her heart, Monica is a kind person and loyal friend who acts as the “mom” of the group. She’ll drain herself dry taking care of other people, but a large part of this comes from Monica’s need to be in control.

Phoebe Buffay: “Chandler And Monica! Chandler And Monica! Ah! Oh, My Eyes! My Eyes!”

Phoebe witnessing Chandler and Monica from the apartment across the street is, perhaps, the most iconic moment in Friends. It’s understandable that she’d be shocked, as Monica and Chandler hooking up in London is one of the biggest plot twists of the show. But Phoebe overreacted and it elevated the scene to a new level.

Joey Tribbiani: “If I Had To, I’d Pee On Any One Of You.”

There are plenty of times Joey was a good friend in the show, and it could be argued that he was the best person in the group. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for the people he loved and was willing to make sacrifices if it meant they would be happy. This quote is especially comedic because of how strange it sounds out of context.

Chandler Bing: “I’m Hopeless And Awkward And Desperate For Love!”

Chandler was often the most relatable character in Friends. He had the weakest worth ethic of the group, low self-esteem, and wasn’t good at being in a real relationship. However, he was extremely self-aware and didn’t pretend to be anything that he wasn’t.

Rachel Green: “No Uterus, No Opinion.”

Despite being produced in the ’90s, there are a surprising amount of times Friends defied the gender norms of the time. When it came to issues such as gender equality, Rachel was the most outspoken. Her character development was a highlight of the series, and she went from a woman who lived off of her parents and fiancé to someone who wanted to worked hard to achieve her goals.

Ross Geller: “Pivot!”

There are far too many times Ross found himself in a sticky situation in Friends. However, his inability to get out of them is what makes him one of the funniest characters. Ross’ attitude often doesn’t help him in terms of his likability, so it can be enjoyable to watch him get his karma.

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