Friends: Who Each Main Character Should Have Ended Up With (Other Than Who They Did)

It might not be categorized as a typically romantic TV series, but the main characters in Friends all get their own love story. The show manages to blend humor and drama perfectly, and Ross and Rachel make history as one of the most iconic will-they-won’t-they couples.
The majority of fans were satisfied with how the relationships played out, but there’s still some discussion around the topic since the main gang did have other love interests throughout the series’ run. And although some of these pairings are controversial, if they hadn’t ended up with who they did, they all had someone else who would’ve been a great fit.

Monica Geller: Richard Burke

If Chandler wasn’t in the picture, Richard would have been the obvious next choice for Monica. He was the most likable of Monica’s exes in Friends, and their breakup wasn’t due to a lack of love between them. Richard and Monica were best friends while they were dating, and there was a period of time when it seemed like they were going to end up together.

Rachel Green: Joey Tribbiani

The reason why Joey didn’t end up with anyone when Friends came to an end is because Rachel was his only viable option. He admitted that he had never been in love before Rachel, and his actions were proof that he was telling the truth. Joey became a completely different person when he fell for his best friend, and his womanizing ways went out the window. He even changed his entire lifestyle to help Rachel raise her baby after Ross and Rachel couldn’t handle living together.

Chandler Bing: Janice Hosenstein

Although the person he seemed to love most after Monica was Kathy, dating her was one of the worst things Chandler did to Joey in Friends. Their relationship was founded on cheating and it ended in the same way. Janice and Chandler’s relationship was meant to be a running joke, but, at least in the beginning, Chandler genuinely loved her. Her personality makes her difficult to be around, yet Chandler accepted her for who she was.

Phoebe Buffay: David The Scientist Guy

David was introduced relatively early on in Friends, and he and Phoebe had an on-again-off-again relationship. It seemed as though it was a case of “right person, wrong time,” which is what made Phoebe’s romance with Mike so surprising.

Ross Geller: Emily Waltham

Unfortunately, Ross and Emily’s marriage failing is one of several plot twists that everyone saw coming in Friends. The show was serious about Ross and Rachel’s love story, and neither of them would have ever ended up with anyone else. But Ross and Emily’s relationship deserved a real chance, rather than being set up to fail from the get-go. They had an instant connection, and while it was unprecedented for them to fall in love over such a short amount of time, it was genuine.

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