10 Plot Holes In ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Fans Somehow Noticed

Barney’s Virginity

I would just like to point out an interesting plot hole. In season 2, when the gang discusses how they lost their virginity, Barney finally admits that he lost his to his mothers friend Rhonda when he was 23 and that his comforter smelled like menthol for a week. This would suggest that Barney had sex with Rhonda at his own house, but as we find out later, it was at Rhonda’s house in Staten Island when James bribes her to do it.


Every show with 9 seasons is bound to have a few plot holes in it, but which annoys you the most? For me it is the fact that in S9 they make a huge deal about Ted eating bacon for the first time, but you can clearly see him eating Marshall’s bacon pancakes when Barney and Robin are locked in the bedroom when Lily is making them discuss what they are to each other.

Team Sports

So I haven’t seen anyone out there point this out yet but after watching a few hundred times I finally caught on to that Halloween episode where Robin says she’s not a team player and references only playing singles tennis in highschool. But then in another episode mentions playing girls field hockey, and much later, after Ted gets left at the altar, she has a flashback to being very boyish looking and playing on an ice hockey team.

Fight Club

One of the ones I noticed is how in the episode where Ted and Barney lick the liberty bell, Marshall tells the guy he thought was hitting on Lily he’d never been in a fight before, but later in the one where Barney and Ted get in a fight with Doug he says he used to fight his brothers all the time.

Piano Lessons

I was rewatching season 9 and this suddenly has hit me: why the hell Ted wanted to take piano lessons for the rehersal dinner, if he showed us multiple times that he can play piano during the series?! It might be argued that in the end that could have been a lie to cover him taking figure skating lessons, but it still doesn’t make sense that no one wondered why he was taking said lessons though..

Who’s Aunt Robin?

Just rewatching the pilot for the umpteenth time, and can’t believe the kids’ shock at the end when he says “… is how I met your Aunt Robin.” The kids haven’t noticed that their aunt is a newscaster and that, from what they remember and other stories involving her, her mother wasnt?

Beef Jerky And Tantrum

In “Arrivaderci Fiero,” Marshall makes a big point about there being no food or drink in the Fiiero (so much so he throws away Ted’s emergency granola bars and water on their first road trip). But later on in the series, when they flashback to their road trips to Gonzola’s, Ted says they spent the car journey eating beef jerky and drinking Tantrum.

Stella’s Success

Stella has Lucy at 19, then goes to college, medical school, has her residency, and opens a successful private practice by the time Lucy is 8. A bit suspish?

Bladder Control

In one episode (“Pineapple Incident” I think?) Barney tells Lily “for such a small girl, you’ve got a big tank!” Then later in the show Lily, Marshall, and Ted go on a road trip, and a big deal is made of how often she has to pee…

Barney’s Brother

Barney and his brother, James, were very similar, they were both suit loving promiscuous people which Barney claimed is because they were raised with the same values. This would make sense if it wasn’t for the fact that Barney became a suit wearing womanizer because of a heartbreak. I get that their mom was, as she puts it herself, “a wh*re,” but we were shown that Barney was actually loyal, respected women, and kinda thought suits are funny in his early 20s, so why was James similar to Barney?

Ted/Natalie Timeline

As we all know, Natalie is the girl Ted dated for a while, broke up with her on her birthday, started dating again, and then broke up with her again… also on her birthday. Ted then tells his kids that within a year she was married, and she now has three children.

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