How I Met Your Mother Characters Sorted Into Their Game Of Thrones Houses

If the characters of How I Met Your Mother lived in Westeros, which House banner would they be flying – and why?

So, it’s time to also figure out where these dynamic characters would be and what house they’d represent if they ever found themselves in Westeros. Most of them probably wouldn’t be king or queen or survive the war, but they could at least wave their fitting house flag.

Lily – House Lannister

Lily is a fiery woman. She has ambition and dedication, but she’s also usually all about herself. It isn’t an insult that she’s in this house, but rather it says a lot about her drive and her determination. Lily was willing to give up everything (Marshall included) to move and become an artist, which would make Cersei proud.

If she was in Westeros, Lily would definitely poison other people’s wine to get what she wanted (and what she wants is often material – after all, she ran up a lot of debt to buy nice clothes!). She can be cut-throat when it comes to getting what she wants, but she does also care deeply about her people.

Victoria – House Tyrell

This character might be Ted’s most likable ex, besides maybe Robin or Tracy. House Tyrell is about elegance, beauty, and grace, and Victoria has all of these traits in spades. She was always there for Ted, and she could be playing piano with Loras just like she did with Ted.

Of course, this house also doesn’t let people take advantage of them. They’re ambitious and brilliant people, and they’re kind only when it suits them – Victoria definitely has her moments, like running out on her wedding, where she will put herself first. Victoria and Margaery could be good friends.

Barney – House Baratheon

This house has two polar opposites: Renly and Stannis. Barney is a great mix of both. He likes to suit up and look fabulous and have a good time with the people around him (like Renly), but he’s also all about winning and getting what he thinks he deserves (like Stannis).

Unfortunately for Barney, he’d probably meet his demise as quickly as these two did. Still, he’d be a great addition to this house – and he’d fit in pretty well. Barney’s intensity in laser-tag is enough to prove he’d survive in this house.

Zoey – House Greyjoy

House Greyjoy is known for being a bit intense, and that’s one pretty perfect word to describe Zoey. She’s ambitious, and she’s willing to cross just about anyone to get her way and get what she wants. This was more than obvious when she tried to ruin Ted’s career just to keep a building standing.

Yara might beat her in a fight, but Zoey would be crowned the leader before Theon would be. She’s tough as nails, and get a bit caught up in the drama of things. That’s probably why she and Ted didn’t work out.

Marshall – House Stark

If anyone was honorable and kind enough to be in this house, it’s Marshall. House Stark is full of honest, committed, and determined people. This house cares the most about its own, and Marshall is as dedicated as they come – and that’s more than obvious through all the things he does for Lily and his son.

He might not be a great fighter like Robb or become the Queen of the North like Sansa, but he’d a devoted and honorable member of this house – and he’d make them proud.

Quinn – House Targaryen

Quinn is as fiery and free-spirited as they come, and she’s certainly never letting anyone (especially a man) tell her how to live her life. She probably wouldn’t be the queen, but she might get some respect from Daenerys.

This infamous house is about beauty, but they can also be ruthless. Quinn usually plays for herself and no one else (she certainly didn’t let Barney manipulate her into a prenup), so she’d do just fine in this house. She was much too fierce for Barney, anyway.

Robin – House Martell

Ellaria Sand might be one of the biggest feminists this HBO had to offer, and Robin would definitely be a fan of this ambitious and cut-throat gal. They’re peaceful and get along – but they’ll also throw a spear at anyone who gets in their way.

Robin is a strong, independent person with a lot of growth and ambition, and this house would encourage every aspect of that. Robin dug in her heels until she was the news anchor she wanted to be. The Martells have the same strengths that this beloved character has.

Sandy – House Arryn

Sandy Rivers acts like he lives in a castle above everyone else, so he might just do fine if that were actually the case. House Arryn is a bit guarded, but they’re also pretty pompous and like to live their own way.

Lysa might push him out the moon door, but if he could survive, he’d probably fit in just perfectly at House Arryn. He’d enjoy doing nothing and just loving himself, which, is all he ever did on the show anyway.

Tracy – House Tully

Tracy would probably make Catelyn proud. This house is about family and duty, and Tracy is about as devoted and kind and hard-working as they come. This house is there for each other, just like Tracy always was for Ted, even if it meant listening to the same stories over and over again.

House Tully is actually also a bit quirky and funny, and Tracy would fit in just perfectly among the other members of this honorable house. Whether fans are team Robin or team Tracy, she is a pretty lovable character.

Ted – House Reed

Ted is a character that fans might hate to love or love to hate, and he certainly has his flaws and his redeeming qualities. Ted is the epitome of just wanting to live in a romantic and beautiful world, but gets a bit too caught up in some pretty serious matters – just like this house.

He’s literally that precious and sweet guy that just can’t stop meddling with things (from marriages to fate to his own career) and also getting into a lot of drama. He’d fit in nicely with Jojen Reed, despite likely annoying him with his endless romanticism.

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