Harry Potter: 9 Times Gryffindors Were Villainous

Gryffindor is known as the house of those Hogwarts students who are brave, daring, and determined – and this is often interpreted as being heroic, too. Likely because Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all Gryffindors, this house has a reputation for being the ‘good guys’… but that doesn’t mean that there are no villains in the common room!
While most of the Gryffindors are good-hearted and chivalric, there are some who have their villainous moments – and others who could even be painted as pure villains from start to finish. Some may argue that those characters don’t belong in this house, but others will know that the traits of any Hogwarts house don’t determine whether someone is a hero.

Romilda Vane Gave Harry A Love Potion

Romilda Vane is a relatively minor character in both the books and the films, but one who does something truly awful – in giving Harry a love potion in a box of chocolates. Ron, of course, ended up eating the chocolate and becoming utterly besotted with Romilda – and in the course of curing him of the effects of the potion, Professor Slughorn accidentally gave him poisoned mead, almost killing him!

Fred & George Kept The Marauders Map

It’s difficult to see Fred & George as anything less than heroic, and most of their pranks can be seen as either harmless or in the service of good (like making Umbridge’s life difficult). However, their choice to keep the Maurader’s Map, then give it to Harry at a point in time where a killer was on the loose and looking for him, was borderline bad-guy.

Hagrid Kept A Giant Spider In The School

Hagrid is another character that it is difficult to see as a villain, because he’s just so lovable – and incredibly well-intentioned. However, his penchant for making friends with monsters occasionally puts him in the villainous category – most notably when raising Aragog, and then in breeding the Blast-Ended Skrewts.

Cormac McLaggen Harassed Hermione

For the most part, the reserve Keeper for the Quidditch team just seemed to be a bit of a boor, and not particularly well-liked – which doesn’t make him a villain. However, his behavior at the Slug Club Christmas party definitely does. Hermione ends up taking Cormac to the event, largely just to have a date (and annoy Ron), but a scene at the party sees her struggling to get away from him, telling Harry that she was trying to ‘escape’ him ‘under the mistletoe’ and that she looked ‘disheveled’.

Sir Cadogan Let In Sirius Black

Sir Cadogan doesn’t intend to be a villain, and is really just a very over-enthusiastic Gryffindor that tends to cause more problems than he solves. However, it can’t be forgotten that when the whole castle was preparing for Sirus Black to appear (when everyone assumed he was a murderer), Sir Cadogan happily opened the Gryffindor common room to him!

Hermione Delivered Umbridge To The Centaurs

Hermione is, of course, one of the core heroes of the series – and many would argue that her treatment of Umbridge is justified. It could be seen as heroic, and a way to get a terrible person out of the way in order to go save Sirius. However, her decision to walk Umbridge into the Forbidden Forest may take her from quick-thinking heroine dealing with a villain, to a villain herself.

Percy Weasley Betrayed His Family

One of the biggest betrayals in the series in Percy’s decision to completely cut off his own family in favor of the Ministry – and to spend a shocking amount of time on the wrong side of Wizarding history, too. He cuts the rest of the Weasleys (and Harry, of course) out of his life, and toes the Ministry line, which ends up seeing him working for Voldemort.

Dumbledore Lied To Harry & Intended Him To Die

Fans are divided on Dumbledore. For so much of the series, he seems to be a wise and kindly man, doing his best to save the Wizarding World and defeat Voldemort – until the end, when it is revealed that he knew from the start that Harry would have to die to achieve this. Snape’s shock when he asks Dumbledore if he was really keeping Harry alive “just so he can die at the proper time” is shared by fans, and no wonder.

Peter Pettigrew Betrayed The Potters

If any Gryffindor can be described as a villain through and through, it is Peter Pettigrew. He became a Death Eater and one of Voldemort’s most devoted servants, and he was the one who betrayed the Potters. There is almost nothing redeeming about him, and he is portrayed as a coward – the opposite of any true Gryffindor!

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