How I Met Your Mother: 10 Most Romantic Scenes Fans Watch Over And Over

Because How I Met Your Mother is all about Ted’s search for love, the series is inherently filled with sweet and romantic scenes. Led by Ted, the show consistently espouses an endlessly optimistic belief in true love and a message about pursuing it, regardless of the obstacles.

Karaoke (S1 Ep17)

In the season 1 episode “Life Among the Gorillas,” Marshall and Lily’s long-term plans are put to the test when he is offered a job at Barney’s firm. At the end of the episode, Marshall rejects the offer and sings “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” at karaoke with Lily, shirking the peer pressure to look cool in front of his coworkers.

The 2-Minute Date (S3 Ep13)

Ted is determined to get Stella to agree to go on a date with him before she finishes removing his tattoo in the season 3 episode “Ten Sessions.” He works around her busy schedule by putting together a two-minute date, a compressed version of dinner and a movie, and the two begin dating.

Come On (S1 Ep22)

After an entire season trying to date Robin, Ted finally gets his chance in the season 1 episode “Come On.” However, his chance depends on the weather as Robin will be going out of town on a work camping trip. In a last attempt, Ted finds someone to teach him a rain dance, which he performs until it rains.

Drumroll (S1 Ep13)

In pursuit of the ideal and pure romantic memory, Ted and Victoria agree to spend time together at Claudia and Stuart’s wedding reception together but agree to not tell each other their names or see each other again (“Drumroll, Please”). The emotional peak of the night comes when they decide to lean in but stop short of actually kissing, enjoying just the build-up or the “drumroll” as they refer to it.

The Magic Trick (S7 Ep24)

After spending several years being happily single, Barney eventually ends up in a long-term relationship with Quinn. As the romance goes from strength to strength, Barney decides that he is going to propose (“The Magician’s Code”) He arranges an elaborate situation involving TSA and a magic trick that ends with him proposing.

The Lighthouse (S9 Ep8)

By season 9, fans were more than ready to see Ted finally interact with Tracy, and the episode “The Lighthouse,” delivered a moment that audiences had been waiting for. Ted takes Tracy to a lighthouse, one that he had previously visited with another woman, and proposes to her there. Ted muses on the way that she has reset his world, making his past experiences with other women irrelevant and allowing him to see the world with fresh eyes.

The Blue French Horn (S9 Ep23/24)

While the ending of the show divided the fandom, there is no denying that the series did come full cycle with Ted once again stealing the blue French horn for Robin. The blue French horn is one of the most important objects in HIMYM as it symbolizes the lengths that Ted is willing to go to prove his love for Robin. So when he shows up with it at the end of the last episode, no words need to be spoken as it is clear he asking to try again.

The Last Play (S8 Ep12)

In the season 8 episode “The Final Page,” Barney uses his playbook one last time to set up an elaborate proposal for Robin. The play incorporates all of the best and worst aspects of their relationship and proves how well Barney knows Robin.

Marshall And Lily’s Real Wedding (S2 Ep21)

When everything goes wrong leading up to Marshall and Lily’s wedding in the season 2 episode, “Something Borrowed,” the couple decides to have an impromptu intimate ceremony outside before the formal service.

Finally Meeting The Mother (S9 Ep24)

Considering the title of the show, no moment was as highly anticipated as the scene where Ted finally meets the mother of his children, Tracy. Thankfully, after 9 full seasons of buildup, the scene does not disappoint. The two have instant chemistry and Tracy immediately proves herself to be worth the wait.

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