Daniel Radcliffe Breaks Silence On Harry Potter Reunion: “I’m Sorry If That’s A Bit Of A Disappointment”

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If there is another reunion that has hooked the globe after the iconic Friends reunited, is the world of wizards, Harry Potter. Over the past year, we have heard multiple reports about the cast coming together, Rupert Grint giving a nod to the idea, the studio trying to convince Emma Watson to come back and a lot more. But now turns out Daniel Radcliffe has decided to end the rumour mill and open up on the reunion.

It’s been 20 years since the first Harry Potter film hit the shores and enthralled audiences across the globe ever since. For the unversed, Warner Bros was reportedly planning to bring the now grown-up cast of the franchise together for a reunion project. It was being said that the talks on the same are in advance stage. But turns out Daniel has a completely different story to tell. Read on to know this heart-breaking update of the day.

Daniel Radcliffe who played the titular character in the Harry Potter movies is right now promoting his next project Miracle Workers. While doing that he also opened up on the HP Reunion. He said that he has a busy year ahead and that will stop him from shooting for a reunion. He says there will be some sort of celebration, but getting together seems impossible.

However, before Daniel Radcliffe, his onscreen nemesis Tom Felton also opened up on the Harry Potter reunion and was more than excited to be coming back. “If you’re asking me will I dye my hair blonde again to be Draco, abso-bloody-lutely. Either [him or Lucius]. I’ll play Draco’s kid if you really want!” Felton told the outlet. “Any chance to be a Malfoy again would be greatly accepted.” “I do feel if someone else played [Draco], I’d be slightly possessive, going, ‘Hang on,’ ” Felton explained.

“I was speaking to Rupert [Grint], Daniel and Emma [Watson] separately the other day and [said], ‘Twenty years, can you imagine that?’ ” he continued. “First of all, they all look the bloody same, literally. Rupert looks exactly the same. Also, we’re all sort of a bit flabbergasted that it’s [even] more popular [now]. We’re all a bit surprised by that. We’re certainly excited, and made to feel old when we realize that it was 20 years ago that we made the first film.”


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