15 Times Hermione Granger Shut Down The Patriarchy

1. When she had no time for people saying the spell wrong.

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2. When she had enough of foolish boys getting her into trouble.

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3. When she made sure everyone knew she was not some meek girl who couldn’t defend herself.

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4. Any time she shut down Harry’s ego.

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5. When she proved she could be just as sneaky as the boys.

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6. When she wasn’t afraid to show off her intelligence, no matter how it made her look.

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7. When Ron introduced himself with his mouth full and this was her reaction.

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8. Whenever she saved the group from danger (which was all the time).

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9. When she took charge of the situation at hand.

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10. When she had no problem calling Harry out for doing something dangerous.

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11. When she had no time for Ron’s petty jealousy.

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12. When she tried to get Ron to focus on more important things.

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13. When she tried hard at everything she did, no matter how hard it was for her.

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14. When she defended Harry with just a look and we all cowered in fear.

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15. And finally, when she was the brightest witch of her time.

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