17 Images That Will Change The Way You Look At “Harry Potter”

1. Dumbledore dancing with Snape:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-27655-1372088999-15.gif (500×289)

2. Bellatrix kissing Harry:

enhanced-buzz-27769-1372089692-38.jpg (443×522)

3. Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang laughing in the lake:

enhanced-buzz-13988-1372260600-24.jpg (625×589)

4. Lucius Malfoy saying, “Sorry, love,” to Harry!!!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-12629-1372176342-4.gif (400×316)

6. Harry as a young chap in costume with sunglasses giving the thumbs up:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-16424-1372179475-5.gif (500×238)

7. Tiny Ron and Harry play fighting on set:


8. Voldemort sticking his tongue out!!

enhanced-buzz-15179-1372260327-15.jpg (600×403)

9. Harry shrugging:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-28323-1372088975-4.gif (500×278)

10. McGonagall chillin’ while reading a fake Daily Prophet.

enhanced-buzz-orig-21962-1372260928-22.jpg (600×400)

11. Snape laughing with Harry and Ron:

enhanced-buzz-22508-1372111604-4.jpg (600×400)

12. Harry and Ron LOLing at a fake Dobby:

enhanced-buzz-orig-22234-1372196958-9.jpg (600×429)

13. Dumbledore having a personal conversation with Bellatrix:

enhanced-buzz-orig-16460-1372179334-26.jpg (600×396)

14. And another personal conversation with Voldemort:

enhanced-buzz-19371-1372179556-11.jpg (600×393)

15. Harry trying to strangle Hermione while she giggles and Ron looks on:


16. Harry pouring one back in the dining hall:

anigif_enhanced-buzz-24916-1372180598-2.gif (499×287)

17. Bellatrix on a MacBook:

enhanced-buzz-24805-1372180303-6.jpg (500×306)


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