25 TV Couple Moments From The Last 10 Years That Were Iconic

1. First, when Leslie and Ben got married and said “I love you and I like you” on Parks and Rec.

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2. When Jake proposed to Amy during the Halloween Heist on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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3. On Schitt’s Creek, when Patrick serenaded David with “Simply the Best.”

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4. When Chidi and Eleanor fell in love (again) on The Good Place.

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5. When Clarke and Lexa had sex for the first time on The 100.

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6. On This Is Us, when Jack listed off everything he still loved about Rebecca.

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7. When Randall told Beth that she was his favorite sound on This Is Us.

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8. When Blaine suddenly knew that Kurt was the one on Glee.

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9. On The Office, when Jim and Pam got married in Niagara Falls.

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10. When Ian and Mickey said a tearful farewell at the border on Shameless.

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11. On The Vampire Diaries, when Elena realized that she loved Damon.

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12. On The Walking Dead, when Maggie saved Glenn from a bunch of walkers, and they reunited after weeks apart.

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13. When Rick and Michonne finally got together on The Walking Dead.

14. On Arrow, when Felicity finally said “I love you” to Oliver while they were in Nanda Parbat.

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15. When Nick realized that he was in love with Jess on New Girl.

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16. On One Day at a Time, when Elena made Syd this adorable non-binary Valentine’s Day card.

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17. On Grey’s Anatomy, when Lexie confessed that she still loves Mark.

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18. When Callie and Arizona got married after Callie survived a car accident on Grey’s Anatomy.

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19. And then, on Grey’s Anatomy, when Meredith and Derek officially got married at the courthouse so they could adopt Zola.

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20. On Grey’s Anatomy, when Jackson interrupted April’s wedding to Matthew.

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21. On Scandal, when both Liv and Fitz revealed how deep their lo ve for each other goes.

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22. When Jane and Rafael kissed for the first time on Jane the Virgin.

Jane & Rafael's Relationship Timeline From 'Jane The Virgin' Prove The Couple Is Endgame

23. When Jughead climbed through Betty’s window and they kissed for the first time on Riverdale.

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24. When Toni rescued Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy on Riverdale.

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25. On Superstore, when Amy and Jonah kissed during the tornado.

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