37 TV Scenes That Are Absolutely Heartbreaking From Start To Finish

Here are some of our favorite responses:

1. First, when Jane learned that Michael had died on Jane the Virgin.

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“I sob every time I watch this scene. I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.”

2. When Lily told Marshall that his dad had a heart attack and died on How I Met Your Mother.

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“It makes me cry every time. Then, when I found out Jason Segel didn’t know about the plotline until filming and that was his actual reaction, it killed me all over again.”

3. On Grey’s Anatomy, when all of the women at Grey Sloan lined the hall to usher a sexual assault survivor into surgery.

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“This is a relatively new Grey’s episode, but it already makes me bawl every time I think about it.”

4. Also, when Lexie died during the plane crash on Grey’s Anatomy.

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“The entire scene is so emotional and every time I see the episode I cry so much.”

5. When Buffy’s mom, Joyce, died unexpectedly and Buffy found her body on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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“The deafening silence of this episode really captures what it’s like to grieve in those first few days. It gets me every time and is just superbly done.”

6. When Opie looked at Jax one last time before he was beaten to death on Sons of Anarchy.

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“There were a lot of deaths on Sons of Anarchy, but Opie’s hit me the hardest.”

7. On One Tree Hill, when Jamie put Quentin’s cape on his coffin and when Skills mourned at the basketball court.

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“I just found Quentin’s death so heartbreaking. Everything that happens with Jamie in the episode is emotional, but personally I break down even time I see Skills on the basketball court alone before the funeral and he’s just standing there. It’s such an underrated scene and seeing him show such emotion just gets me.”

8. When Will cried in Uncle Phil’s arms and wondered why his dad didn’t want him on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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“This is such an iconic moment, but also one of the most heartbreaking in TV history.”

9. On Sesame Street, when the neighbors had to explain to Big Bird that Mr. Hooper died.

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“Having the Sesame Street gang explain to Big Bird what death is and how Mr. Hooper will never come back was so emotional. It doesn’t help that Mr. Hooper died IRL and this was everyone’s genuine reactions.”

10. On The Good Place, when Eleanor and Chidi watched all of their memories from different reboots before Chidi had his memory wiped.

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“It breaks my heart every time I watch it. To see the anxious, stressed, ‘fork in a garbage disposal’ brained Chidi be so confident about this decision makes me emotional.”

11. On Friends, when Rachel found out that Ross cheated on her.

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“When Rachel says, ‘I used to think of you as someone who would never ever hurt me,’ I immediately start getting emotional. There are tears every single time.”

12. On Wynonna Earp, when Jolene was torturing Waverly by convincing her that nobody loved her.

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“It’s such an accurate depiction of what depression feels like, and when Waverly reminds herself that simply existing with your loved ones is enough, I lose it every time. As someone who has struggled with depression for a long time, it’s easily one of the most important scenes I’ve ever seen on television.”

13. When we learned that Fry waited for Seymour to return on Futurama.

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“I literally can’t even talk about it or hear the song from that scene without immediately tearing up. And when I watch it, it results in full-blown, ugly, heave sobbing. If you have a pet that you’re super close to, this scene will rip your heart out.”

14. On Glee, when Mr. Schuester wept while holding Finn’s letterman jacket.

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“I had held it together the entire episode, even during Rachel’s song, but seeing Mr. Schue finally grieve Finn like a son he lost, made me lose it as well.”

15. When Elena confronted her dad after he stopped talking to her after she came out on One Day at a Time.

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“This moment is just the definition of a sobfest for me.”

16. On Lost, when Charlie sacrificed himself to save everyone.

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“The first time I saw this scene I cried so hard and for so long that I had to tell myself, ‘This did not really happen, you don’t know him, he’s not a family member, this doesn’t even really exist.’ It still gets me every time I watch it.”

17. On Dawson’s Creek, when Grams was sitting next to Jen when she died.

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“When Grams tells Jen that she’d see her soon, I always start sobbing.”

18. When Lexa was accidentally shot and killed on The 100.

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“She deserved better. We all deserved better.”

19. On Supernatural, when Dean told Sam about his time in hell and how he was forced to torture people.

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“The pain I feel every time I hear Dean tell that story never gets easy, and seeing Jensen Ackles put all that pain into his performance kills me every time.”

20. When Fleabag told the Priest that she thinks she’s screwing up her life on Fleabag.

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“I’ve tested myself to see if I can watch it and not cry and it never works. I think so many women feel like they don’t have control of their lives, and it’s weirdly comforting to know that someone else might be crying for the same reason.”

21. When Matt started crying while at dinner with the Taylors after his dad died on Friday Night Lights.

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“Zach Gilford’s performance is mind-blowing. It’s such a small moment, but so powerful. I cry every time.”

22. On The Magicians, when everyone sang “Take on Me” while mourning Quentin.

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“The song, the fire, and Eliot’s raw emotion after such a draining season gets me every time. Quentin realizing how much he was loved just hurts.”

23. When Rose and the Doctor ended up in parallel universes on Doctor Who.

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“Every time the ‘Doomsday’ music kicks in I’m sobbing like a toddler.”

24. On Arrow, when Tommy was crushed under a building and Oliver couldn’t save him.

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“The way Oliver whispers ‘It should have been me’ in that utterly broken voice and begs Tommy to open his eyes completely destroys me. It’s to the point where I can’t even look at photos of this scene without crying.”

25. When it was revealed that Lt. Colonel Henry Blake’s plane was shot down and no one survived on M*A*S*H.

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“I have not heard those words in probably 20 years and I heard them in my head reading this and I got chills.”

26. When Glenn was beaten to death by Negan on The Walking Dead.

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“I remember tears streaming down my face when he got hit by Negan’s bat.”

27. On BoJack Horseman, when Sarah Lynn died in the planetarium.

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“This entire moment with Sarah Lynn is utterly heartbreaking every time I watch it.”

28. When Nell gave her speech about confetti to the rest of her siblings on The Haunting of Hill House.

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“Nell’s speech to her siblings is so emotional and gets me every single time. I’m always a sobbing mess!”

29. On Superstore, when ICE arrived at Cloud 9 and took Mateo.

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“The final scene of all the employees standing outside, watching Mateo be driven away in the van breaks my heart. I bawled and I don’t even consider Mateo my favorite character!”

30. On Orange Is the New Black, when Pennsatucky died before she found out that she passed the GED exam.

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“She tried so hard to get away from drugs, went through so much, and then still died of an overdose because she thought she failed the GED. The ghost moment was so atypical for the show, but it fit perfectly with her death. And then, when we found out later that she passed the GED, it nearly killed me. I had to pause the show because I couldn’t see through my tears.”

31. On Atypical, when Casey broke up with Evan after she kissed Izzie.

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“Evan was such a sweet guy, and watching his heart break and seeing Casey so confused about following her feelings towards Izzie was a lot to handle.”

32. On Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, when Berlin sacrificed himself so everyone else could escape.

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“He had nothing to lose because he knew he would die anyway from his disease, so he chose to die with dignity and by his own choosing. I’ve rewatched this about 10 times now, and it gets me every single time, especially when ‘Bella Ciao’ starts playing.”

33. When Dr. Cox realized he was actually at Ben’s funeral on Scrubs.

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“When Dr. Cox finally realizes that they’re at Ben’s funeral and you realize he died, gets me every time.”

34. When Hotch’s ex-wife was killed while she was on the phone with Hotch on Criminal Minds.

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“When she realizes she is about die, their whole conversation kills me every time.”

35. On Gilmore Girls, when Emily told Richard he wasn’t allowed to die first.

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“This scene always got to me before, but watching it now after Edward Herrmann’s death is utterly devastating. I absolutely lose all composure.”

36. When Amber got into the car crash and Zeek took her to see her wrecked car on Parenthood.

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“The gravity of her situation hadn’t sunk in until that moment, and she finally got how close she was to dying and started sobbing. It’s so powerful and that whole episode is a tearjerker.”

37. And finally, when Mr. Feeny said goodbye to everyone on Boy Meets World.

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“I teared up just writing these last words.”

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