21 Details From TV Comedy Series That’ll Make You Say, “How Did I Not Notice That?”

1. In Big Mouth, you can see a poster for a Get Out pastiche called Stay Out. Jordan Peele actually voices a character in the show.

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2. In Parks and Rec, Jerry shows Tom his ID, which reveals that his name is Garry. In the following episode, it’s revealed that his name is in fact Garry.

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3. In The Good Place, the safe Jason buys is from the Swanson Safe Company, a nod to Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec.

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Michael Schur is the creator of both The Good Place and Parks and Rec.

4. Also in The Good Place, you can see a Dennis Feinstein perfume ad, another nod to Parks and Rec.

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5. In That ’70s Show, one of the doctor’s names is K. Ashton, the inverse of Ashton Kutcher’s name.

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6. In Bob’s Burgers, Bob’s ice cream machine is eaten by a mechanical shark, and in the next episode it’s back in the restaurant but with teeth marks.

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7. In Friends, Joey and Ross reminisce about a beer they drank while in England. Later in the series, you can spot a six-pack of it on top of Joey’s fridge.

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8. In The Office, Dwight is seen reading a newspaper that shows that the city is looking for people to paint murals, a job Pam is later hired to do.

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9. In an episode of Roseanne, each member of the Connor family is seen wearing the same chicken T-shirt, which became a running gag on the series.

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10. In Modern Family, you can see the commercial Lily was almost cast in playing on the TV behind Phil.

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11. In the episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia called “The Gang Goes to Hell,” their hotel room number is “H666.”

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12. In The Office, Dwight puts Creed’s name in quotes on his management hierarchy chart, suggesting that he always knew “Creed” was a false identity.

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13. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s revealed that the new captain is “too stupid to work the blinds.” Later in the episode, you can see the blinds in the background aren’t closed properly.

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14. In The Office, the Scranton branch is located on Slough Ave. The UK version of The Office was set in Slough, Berkshire, England.

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15. Champion from Parks and Rec makes an appearance in an episode of The Office.

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16. In a flash-forward on How I Met Your Mother, you can see a newspaper clipping behind Marshall implying that he eventually captured the Loch Ness monster.

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17. In Seinfeld, this is shown on the fridge when Jerry is trying desperately to remember his girlfriend’s name.

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18. In New Girl, this news segment is a nod to Zooey Deschanel giving birth to her daughter, Elsie Otter.

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19. In Arrested Development, Buster’s loss of his arm is foreshadowed when he sits on this bus bench.

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20. In How I Met Your Mother, the newspaper with Zoey’s article also mentions Dowisetrepla and the Cockamouse.

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21. And finally, in Parks and Rec, one of the trick-or-treaters at Andy and April’s is dressed as Chris Pratt’s Marvel character, Star-Lord.

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