‘Friends’: Joey And Rachel Almost Cut Out Of Show, Jennifer Aniston Reveals

In a recent interview with Jake Hamilton, Jennifer Aniston revealed some news about Friends that would surely leave fans in shock.

On September 11th, Hamilton sat down to interview Reese Witherspoon and Aniston for their drama series, The Morning Show.

The two actresses star in the show as Bradley Jackson and Alex Levy, respectively. They also serve as executive producers of the show.

Hamilton brought up a moment from the show where Levy took charge of her career and posed the question to Aniston: “Do you remember the first moment in your career where you stopped and said, ‘No, I am making this decision and this is how we’re doing it’?”

Aniston then recalled a moment while negotiating on Friends, where the executives were trying to separate the six main characters and saying they don’t need Joey or Rachel, or they only need a combination of the two. She stated that she said, “There’s no show without the six of us.” She also told Hamilton: “I do remember going ‘We need to own our power and know our worth and our value.’”

It wasn’t the first time Aniston’s character, Rachel, was almost cut off the show, though. Earlier in filming, Rachel was almost written out of the show due to a filming conflict. Aniston had filmed several episodes for an upcoming comedy, Muddling Through, which was to air on NBC’s rival network, CBS. In order to avoid the situation, NBC pulled a scheduling move that aired a stream of films at the same time as Aniston’s other show, allowing the audiences to switch over to NBC. The move saved Rachel.

Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Friends, also previously revealed that Chandler and Phoebe were meant to be secondary characters on the show. It is hard to imagine the show without the six main characters, though.

Aniston also brought up Friends a second time during the interview with Hamilton. When asked what moment from her professional career she would like to see her character on The Morning Show report about, she responded, “How would Alex handle the end of Friends?”

The second season of The Morning Show is scheduled to premiere on September 17th, 2021.

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