The Real Reason You Don’t Hear From Jason Segel Anymore

During his nine-year on the smash hit How I Met Your Mother, Jason Segel was one of the biggest stars on television. With the success of the sitcom, Hollywood came calling, and Segel transitioned into movies with roles in Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, This Is The End, This Is 40, Bad Teacher and The Muppets.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons you don’t hear from Jason Segel anymore.

There is no cute couple name for Jason Segel and his lady

Lindsay Lohan. Serbian-Australian actress Bojana Novakovic. Academy Award-nominee Michelle Williams. Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Michelle Trachtenberg. English actress Michelle Ryan. Chloë Sevigny. Drew Barrymore. Former Freaks and Geeks co-star Linda Cardellini. Segel has quite the dating history.

Per the Daily Mail, Segel’s last high-profile relationship with a celebrity ended in 2013 when Michelle Williams “wasn’t ready to commit.” Since that breakup, Segel has seemingly sworn off famous girlfriends, and at the time of this writing, he’s dating a non-celebrity, photographer Alexis Mixter.

Was fame a trigger for Jason Segel’s addiction issues?

Following his breakup with actress Michelle Williams in early 2013, Jason Segel entered an alcohol treatment program “in a desperate bid to win his battle with booze” according to Radar Online. Before his journey to tackle sobriety, Segel was often photographed and videotaped outside Los Angeles nightclubs, and he was once caught on camera, seemingly intoxicated, serenading a fan in 2011.

Jason Segel’s major movie flopped

Sex Tape (2014) was supposed to be a blockbuster, but it bombed hard — with both box offices and critics. This may have been particularly damaging to Segel’s career (and ego) because he not only starred in the movie but was also a co-writer of the script. It earned only 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with one reviewer griping, “It’s strange to watch a comedy full of talented people that does not work from the opening scene. It’s like eating food and not tasting anything.”

Jason Segel took himself out of the rat race

Although Jason Segel was a busy bee throughout How I Met Your Mother, simultaneously writing and starring in flicks such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), The Five-Year Engagement, and Sex Tape, after the show came to its finale, he decided to dial down his career momentum because he realized the fast pace wasn’t taking him to any supposed finish line any time soon.

There were a few quiet years after Jason Segel’s hit sitcom ended

Per Jason Segel’s IMDb page, 2016 was also a quiet year for the actor. He didn’t log any acting, producing, or writing projects, but still kept his face in the public eye with appearances at the Academy Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards. In 2017, starred in the Netflix sci-fi film The Discovery alongside Rooney Mara and Robert Redford. The film was met with generally bad reviews and went down as Segel’s only performance of that year.

Jason Segel is not a token anymore

When Segel was heavier, he, like his pal Jonah Hill, was often viewed as a character actor specializing in slightly schlubby guys. Now that he’s lean and toned, casting directors may not know what to do with him. He’s not Brad Pitt, but he’s not Seth Rogen. Since Hollywood tends to deal in stereotypes, a genuinely normal-looking person such as Segel may not have a place in a lot of scripts.

Is Jason Segel mean to his fans?

“When a 20-something fan asked Jason for a photo as he left the premiere he said ‘no’ and literally slammed the car door right in the fan’s face. People gasped, that’s how bad it was,” an insider told the publication. “Cameron was as unfriendly as can be and it was really disappointing. And Jason was downright nasty to his fans,” another eyewitness claimed. “There were literally only four of five fans waiting and asking for them when they left. It was not a huge crowd and would have taken less time for them to sign an autograph or take a picture rather than giving a lecture about not doing it.”

If you’re trying to remain a star, it might not be the best idea to treat fans like garbage. Allegedly.

Jason Segel got ‘off the hamster wheel’

That new living location may have provided him some much-needed peace and distance from the Hollywood nightlife scene, and it also stopped him from potentially becoming a full-on recluse. “It’s an impulse I’ve always had, which is, I’m going to move to the mountains, and no one’s ever going to see me again,” Segel told The New York Times, adding, “I found the healthy version of that.”

Maybe Jason Segel is trying to avoid this guy?

We’ve established that it’s fairly obvious Segel voluntarily retreated from the spotlight and is intentionally pursuing headier projects. That said, there could be a more insidious reason for his noticeable Hollywood absence. And that reason could be that Segel is being held internet-hostage by Canadian YouTuber, Noah Maloney a.k.a. Dog Shirt, who has pledged to eat a printed out photo of Segel’s face every day until the American funnyman eats just one photo of Maloney’s face in return. Yes, this is a real thing that is happening.

According to The Daily Dot, Maloney started this gastronomical nightmare in February of 2017, and according Geek Tyrant, threw in the towel at day 100. Maloney even claimed he almost died doing the silly stunt but persevered nonetheless. The Daily Dot also pointed out that Segel had a great opportunity to address the whole #EatingHisFacePhotoGate during a March 2017 appearance on The Tonight Show, but he didn’t, leaving two possible explanations. 1.) He had no idea, as he rightfully shouldn’t, that this was going on. 2.) He successfully Maloney out, beating the troll at his own game. Either way, this might be the best little-known Jason Segel-related internet thing that’s ever happened.

Jason Segel a best-selling author and series creator

In additional to novels, Segel created the 10-episode anthology series Dispatches From Elsewhere for AMC. According to Deadline, the show “is about a group of ordinary people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil of everyday life. They will come to find that the mystery winds far deeper than they ever imagined.” The impressive cast includes Richard E. Grant, Sally Field, and Eve Lindley. At the time of this writing, filming is taking place in Philadelphia and is set to debut in 2020.

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