21 Inconsistencies And Mistakes In TV Shows That – Fair Warning – May Infuriate You

1. Rory’s sixteenth birthday isn’t celebrated until the sixth episode of Gilmore Girls, but Lorelai introduces Rory as being 16 in the pilot when a guy hits on both of them. She totally would say if Rory were any younger than 16.

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2. On Family Matters, Judy Winslow was a main character for multiple years. Then she disappeared from the show, like she never existed at all.

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3. In the first episode of Friends, Phoebe makes a comment about pulling out her eye lashes. When Paul the Wine Guy reacts a moment later, she’s miraculously sitting right behind him.

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4. The room in the school hallway on Boy Meets World has, like, a billion different functions.

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5. In Season 2 of New Girl, Robby’s whole thing is that’s really nice but boring. In Season 6, his whole thing is that he’s actually the most interesting man in the world.

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6. On Jane the Virgin, Petra’s mom is in the hospital with a breathing mask on, except it’s not there in the next shot we see her in.

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7. Those Riverdale twins are infants for years.

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8. On This Is Us, teen Kate takes a pregnancy test…that’s actually an Ovulation test.

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9. On Golden Girls, Dorothy and Stan were married for 38 years, and they wed because she was pregnant. So how are her kids in their early twenties?

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10. Ross has two different birthdays on Friends.

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11. Richard’s bandages are visible under his hat on Grey’s Anatomy, but then he’s bandage-less when he takes the hat off.

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12. On Jane the Virgin, Xo tells her mom she’s pregnant with Jane twice.

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13. In Season 5 of The Office, Michael is celebrating his fifteenth anniversary with Dunder Mifflin, but in the pilot, five years earlier, he’s been at the company for twelve years.

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14. The paper towels that Rachel unrolls roll back up and then unroll again in a Friends episode.

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15. Kirk from Gilmore Girls is actually Mick first.

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16. In a Season 1 Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode, Amy sneaks into Holt and Kevin’s bedroom to see what they’ve DVR’d. In a Season 2 episode, Holt says he doesn’t have a TV in his bedroom.

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17. In the Sex and the City intro, the bus passengers vanish.

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18. And the splashes on Carrie’s top grow.

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19. Bruce Willis plays Ross’s girlfriend’s dad on Friends, yet somehow, the guys love Die Hard.

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20. On Game of Thrones, Roose Bolton doesn’t move or anything, but his sleeve suddenly has something peeking out from under it. It’s a ~big moment~ that doesn’t add up.

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21. Col. Blake from M*A*S*H calls his wife Mildred, but later her name is Lorraine.

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