13 Times Celebrities Appeared On TV Shows They Were Big Fans Of

We were asked to mention about times celebrities appeared on TV shows they were big fans of. We looked into the star cast, and let us tell you about 13 times when Celebrities made themselves a part of their favorite show.

1. Britney Spears in ‘How I Met Your Mother’: The arrival of Britney Spears made the viewers go crazy; even the whole cast was nervous about having Britney in their 3rd season. She reprised her role as Abby, a slightly insane yet lovable secretary of a dermatology office.

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2. Sean Astin in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’: He seemed to have an intense will to get into the show. He appeared in an episode of the sixth season, and that caught the eyes of the viewers.

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3. Prince in ‘New Girl’: Prince and his band members said that they started watching the show while they were on too. Prince’s manager emailed one of the cast members to tell them how much Prince loves the show and wanted to appear in it.

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4. Kesha in ‘Jane The Virgin’: The famous songwriter said she was thrilled to be a part of her favorite show. She played a role of Annabelle, Jane, and the newborn Mateo’s new next-door neighbor.

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5. Patrick J. Adams in ‘Orphan Black’: In July 2013, Patrick, a trendy face of the USA, tweeted that he might appear in the second episode of the show. He added a hashtag which was #pleasecanigueststar.

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6. Jason Mantzoukas in ‘Gilmore Girls’: The trendy appearance of Jason Manzoukas in the Netflix series impacted many viewers with early 2000’s nostalgia.

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7. Josh Groban in ‘The Office’: The exquisitely talented musician is a massive fan of ‘The Office’ and said he was extremely thrilled when he realized that he would be a part of it.

josh-groban-the-office.jpg (605×336)

8. Michelle Obama in ‘iCarly’: Nickelodeon’s iCarly featured Michelle as a guest star, showing off a few of her moves.

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9. Questlove in ‘Law & Order’: Once in an interview, Questlove mentioned his fantasy to play a dead body on the show. However, from a viewer’s perspective, the dedication we get to see is priceless.


10. Whoopi Goldberg in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’: Goldberg played The character of a bartender by the name Guinan.

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11. Jesse Eisenberg in ‘Modern Family’: Jesse portrayed the character of an environmentalist ecologist neighbor in season 5. He explained how excited he was about wanting to do the show.

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12. Will Ferrell in ‘The Office’: He shared his interest in appearing on the show as a guest. His character lasted for four episodes are as Deangelo Vickers. M.

FERRELL-Jp-1-jumbo-608x422.jpg (608×422)

13. Mark Hamill in ‘What We Do In The Shadows’: Hamill had so many ideas about the characters that he thought he could be playing, but it turned out completely different and seemed to flip.

what-we-do-in-the-shadows-mark-hamill-608x344.png (608×344)

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