Friends: Chandler’s Girlfriends, Ranked

There will never be another sitcom that has quite the same impact as Friends. The sitcom that followed the lives of New York’s funniest and most dysfunctional group of people ran for ten years, snatched a Golden Globe, and to this day is in the top 50 on IMDb’s list of top television shows. It’s hard to decide exactly what made the show so beloved by audiences, but truth is, once it enters your heart, it stays there.
Arguably, the best bits and plotlines of the show originated from the main characters’ love lives. Each of our fantastic six had their fair share of heartbreak and romantic adventures before reaching their happy ending. But not all of Chandler’s relationships were created equally… and some definitely weren’t that great!
Updated On Sept 24th, 2021 by Rose Graceling-Moore: Friends continues to prove hugely popular, with the reunion special attracting a huge audience (and shocking fans with the revelation that Ross and Rachel actually had a real-life crush on each other!). The focus remains on the big couples of the series, of course, but some of Chandler’s girlfriends shouldn’t be forgotten.


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Chandler’s love life was quite a complicated one. Not as complicated as Ross’s, but still, there’s quite a bit to unpack here. His first girlfriend was Julie Graff, a woman that Chandler dated at camp when they were both teenagers. Audiences later meet a grown-up Julie who wishes Monica luck in quite a sarcastic manner once she finds out she’s to marry Chandler.

Mary Angela

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This one wasn’t technically a relationship, but it almost was – and affected Chandler’s relationship with Joey, too. More of a fling than anything else, she was also one of Joey’s seven sisters, which made the entire situation around Mary Angela ten times funnier.


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Susie Underpants, or Susie for short, was yet another childhood crush of Chandler’s. The two never dated when they were younger, and they parted on bad terms after Chandler pulled a prank on her and showed everyone at school Susie’s underwear.


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Ginger and Chandler have a short but cute relationship after he meets her come out of the bathroom in Central Perk. The two of them hit it off straight away and begin dating, and it seems like this will be a great partnership.


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One of Chandler’s most inappropriate partners was Joanna, Rachel’s boss at the time. After they go on a date, and in spite of Rachel’s hopes, Chandler decides he’s really not interested. But Chandler being Chandler, he keeps telling Joanna he’ll call her – but he never does.


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Some of Chandler’s girlfriends were only around for an episode, and exist as a bit of a joke within the series – like Marjorie, the woman he met when he took Joey to a sleep study.


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Aurora was arguably one of the most beautiful women Chandler ever dated. Not only was she stunning, but she was also the picture of elegance, bravery, and mystery. Chandler was so taken by her that he honestly didn’t care when she revealed that she was polyamorous and she had a husband and a boyfriend while dating him.


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Fans had great hopes for Kathy, as she was so cool, so sweet, so right. It was even forgivable that she and Chandler first fell for each other when she was dating Joey. If he could forgive Chandler for this, fans could too.


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Although fans (and the rest of the gang) didn’t like Janice’s laugh or voice, she was one of the best things that ever happened to Chandler. She wasn’t exactly the most likable person in the world, but she truly did love Chandler, and always managed to find her way back to him. And by season three, Chandler loved her too.


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Monica is the love of Chandler’s life, his best friend, his rock, and the two are arguably the best couple of the show. They may have taken a while to get together, but when they did, they were a phenomenal couple from start to finish.

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