15 shady Secrets Kaley Cuoco Wants Hidden From Fans

Kaley Cuoco is the hot blonde 30-anything star of The Big Bang Theory, a long-running TV mega-hit. She has the air of a straight-talking, street-savvy American sweetheart. However, what you see isn’t always what you get in Hollywood. The image can be nothing more than a concept.

15. An Insecure, Self-Absorbed Emotional Mess

14. Dissing The Flag

13. Kaley And Hubs Bare On Beach?

12. The Most Hated Chick In Hollywood?

11. Soaring With Publicity Dating

10. Of Substances And DUI

9. Partying Without Her Wedding Ring

8. Those Leaked Pictures

7. I’m Good. Who Cares About The Others?

6. Lookie, Lookie At My New “Girls.”

5. Low-Rent Divorce

4. She Was “Addicted” To What?

3. The Guys: Pick them Up And Put them Down

2. Everything revolves around me, me, and me.

1. From D-List To A-List Kaley Style

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