How I Met Your Mother: 5 Ways It Doesn’t Ages Well

5. Use Of The Word “Slut”

Things get a little uncomfortable when conversation ventures into the territory of calling people “sluts.” The word is often casually used in the show, and, although it’s usually in the terms of a joke, the jokes don’t actually redefine or comment on the meaning of the word as it’s being used. Rather, it can sometimes be used as a genuine insult, or something the girls make clear they avoid being, which works to validate the word.

4. Lily’s Indirect Sexism

Lily is tough and won’t be told to fit in any kind of box, and yet, by aiming to avoid the box women are often put in, Lily ends up generalizing women in general and perpetuating sexist ideas. By doing things like making fun of men by comparing them to women, Lily contributes to the system she aims to resist.

3.Marshall’s Family

Lily and Marshall have a great relationship; they are equal by all accounts and respect one another. Yet, when they visit Marshall’s family, the two are split into gender groups where Lily stays in the kitchen cooking with the women, and Marshall and the men go do things outdoors. Lily’s shows some distaste for the family’s old fashioned ways, but the issue is not substantially acknowledged.

2.The Women Barney Dates

The women Barney dates do not age as well as he does. Most of the women he is seen interacting with are clueless and naive, and it serves as unbelievable that so many women would put up with, or fall for, Barney’s antics in the first place.

1. Barney’s Brother

Barney’s brother, James, emerges as an attempt for the show to diversify its cast and content, but the situation is strained when Robin comments that she wished she’d been warned of his race and sexuality. While James is in fact a wonderful character, it’s a shame that he becomes the token black and queer guy of the show.

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