18 Nonsensical Things About Kaley Cuoco’s Penny That Fans Chose To Ignore

18 Nonsensical Things About Kaley Cuoco’s Penny That Fans Chose To Ignore

Able to stay near the top of the ratings throughout its 12-year run, one of the significant reasons for The Big Bang Theory’s success was its ensemble cast. However, back when the show began, it only had a single female lead character, Penny. For that reason, most of the show’s many fans have a lot of affection for the character.

20. Penny Using The Same Purse For A Very Long Time

20-22.jpg (740×416)

19. Amy’s Ongoing Admiration For Penny

19-24.jpg (740×555)

18. Penny Only Finding Out About Leonard Kissing Mandy Chow Years Later

18-23.jpg (740×415)

17. Penny Wanting To Spend So Much Time With Amy

17-20.jpg (740×330)

16. Penny Continuing To Judge The Guys’ Various Hobbies

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15. Why We Never Met Her Sister

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14. Penny Affording Her Apartment

14-22.jpg (740×416)

13. What Happened To Her Other Friends

13-24.jpg (740×328)

12. Penny Continuing To Be Friends With Leonard And Sheldon After They Snuck Into Her Apartment

12-20.jpg (740×414)

11. How Severely Penny Judges Stuart Even Though They Briefly Dated

11-24.jpg (740×389)

10. The Inconsistency Of Penny’s Mom

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9. Penny Landing A Job In Pharmaceutical Sales

09-6.jpg (740×544)

8. Why She Spent So Much Time With The Guys Early On

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7. Penny Didn’t Even Know Her Father’s Name

07-6.jpg (740×508)

6. How Fine Everyone Around Her Is With Her Excessive Drinking

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5. Penny Marrying Leonard

05-6.jpg (740×432)

4; Penny Thinking Vegas Chapel Weddings Aren’t Legal

04-7.jpg (740×529)

3. She Set Howard Up With Bernadette

03.png (740×416)

2. Penny Not Understanding How Unkind She Was As A Teenager

02.png (740×416)

1. It Makes No Sense That She Becomes So Close To Sheldon

01-6.jpg (740×416)

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