18 Jokes From “Friends” That I Will Still Laugh At On My Billionth Watch

1. First off, Joey’s attempt to help Ross talk about something uncomfortable. It may be my favorite Friends joke.

sub-buzz-4311-1614191737-8.jpg (700×1245)

2. Chandler’s baby proposition to Monica.

sub-buzz-572-1633462775-1.jpg (700×1661)

3. Phoebe’s sorority.

sub-buzz-415-1633022932-9.jpg (700×826)

4. What Joey would do if he were omnipotent for a day.

sub-buzz-4736-1621804262-1.jpg (600×1067)

5. Chandler’s compliment after accidentally seeing Rachel topless.

sub-buzz-648-1633464193-14.jpg (600×708)

6. Plus, tit for tat.

sub-buzz-7681-1626895622-1.jpg (600×1426)

7. Joey’s way to remember what day Thursday is.

sub-buzz-17165-1609279897-18.jpg (600×1067)

8. When Emma was late.

sub-buzz-415-1633465008-29.jpg (600×1067)

9. Monica and Chandler trying to secretly hook up at Ross’s wedding.

sub-buzz-537-1633458102-5.jpg (600×2140)

10. Joey’s song for his identical hand twin.

sub-buzz-2055-1609283272-17.jpg (600×1067)

11. Rachel’s impeccable takedown.

sub-buzz-4348-1614192842-26.jpg (600×1067)

12. My eyes, my eyes.

sub-buzz-11975-1616611024-20.jpg (600×2853)

13. How often Joey is sexually active.

sub-buzz-405-1633460285-40.jpg (600×1067)

14. The side salad.

sub-buzz-516-1633022381-2.jpg (600×1067)

15. College Chandler and College Ross discussing their music.

sub-buzz-24234-1606246352-1.jpg (600×1067)

16. And their fake IDs.

sub-buzz-24068-1606247104-39.jpg (600×1067)

17. Phoebe’s attraction to Monica and Ross’s dad.

sub-buzz-416-1633459997-9.jpg (600×1067)

18. Phoebe’s tiny dot of a tattoo.

sub-buzz-17297-1609288978-42.jpg (600×1067)

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