15 Characters Who We Loved When The Show Started, But Hated By The End

1. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

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“I loved Carrie at the beginning of Sex and the City, but by the end she completely lost herself. I feel like she started changing for the worse after she broke up with Aidan the first time. She was selfish, chose men over her friends, and acted like relationships were a matter of life or death. She became someone who couldn’t handle being alone, constantly needing validation from toxic men. I wouldn’t have minded her relationships if she GREW from them, but she got progressively worse with each one.”

2. Angela Moss from Mr. Robot

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“During the first two seasons I loved her because she was strong, helpful, and no-nonsense. But in Season 3, Whiterose brainwashed her into a selfish jerk who tried to gaslight Elliot and make his life miserable. She blamed Elliot and Darlene for everything that happened between them when they didn’t want anything to do with it. What makes it even worse is that she died before redeeming herself due to her reckless desire for power and agency.”

3. Fiona Gallagher from Shameless

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“At the beginning she was a badass who took care of her family through tough times and held it together for the Gallagher’s. She started making bad choices in the middle seasons, and by the end of her arc she was a complete mess and blamed everyone else for her mistakes. By the time she left I hated the character.”

4. Leonard Hofstader from The Big Bang Theory

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“At the beginning of the show he was sweet, funny, and dorky. But as the show went along he became mean and cocky. I know that Sheldon was hard to be friends with, but sometimes the way Leonard acted was really selfish, especially with Penny.”

5. Barry Allen from The Flash

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“Barry was adorable and funny in the beginning, but as time went on he made increasingly irresponsible choices and messed things up over and over again. I stopped watching after the season with Savitar because I just couldn’t stand him anymore.”

6. Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

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“She changed the moment she slept with Dean. She became selfish and was so unfair to Lorelai!”

7. Frankie from Grace and Frankie

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“At the beginning Frankie was quirky and Grace was uptight. Grace grew as a character and became a softer, more open person. But Frankie still throws tantrums anytime she doesn’t get what she wants, always wants Grace to make the sacrifices, and calls her selfish on the rare occasion she does something for herself. It drives me insane and now I skip a lot of her parts in the show.”

8. Olivia Pope from Scandal

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Olivia Pope was THAT BITCH, a fearless and driven woman who was great at her job. She wasn’t perfect but I loved her. As Scandal went on though, she did things that were straight-up cruel to keep her power. She and Fitz were such a toxic couple and I wanted her to leave him, but by the end I just thought they deserved each other.

9. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

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“I loved her, and totally agreed with her on everything. She was an amazing badass while remaining kind, and I was stuck between being in love with her and wanting to be her. But the minute she started believing her own hype about being Mhysa she became unbearable. She said a bunch of the right words, but that wasn’t what her fight was about anymore. She just wanted power. I was so pleased with her ending.”

10. Dean Forester from Gilmore Girls

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“He seemed like the perfect first boyfriend who was so kind and supportive. I was Team Dean 100%. But right before he and Rory broke up, and especially while he was cheating on Lindsay with Rory, I hated his character. He was manipulative, mean, and treated Rory terribly.”

11. Lucas Scott from One Tree Hill

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“He was great at the beginning, but I always felt like he kept putting himself in bad situations that he could’ve avoided and hurt people along the way. I was honestly glad when he left the show after Season 6.”

12. Rachel Berry from Glee

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“In the first few seasons she was almost cartoonishly selfish but in a funny way. The good thing was that she was becoming a better person and I was genuinely rooting for her. Then Season 5 happened, in which she got so mad at Santana for daring to audition to be her understudy in Funny Girl that she actually hit her, and moved out of their apartment.”

13. Elena Gilbert from Vampire Diaries

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“I started the show absolutely loving her and feeling sorry for everything that she had been through. My dislike started to mount around Season 3 and my pure burning hatred hit towards the end. With Damon, Elena became a whiny, narcissistic and hypocritical character with no complexities or depth. The fact that the show became 100 times better when they started focusing on everyone else speaks for itself.”

14. Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones

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“He went from being a sensible lone wolf to Jon and Dany’s sidekick who had no idea what was happening. He was so badass in Season 4 but what happened to him after he joined Dany will always make me mad.”

15. Alex Karev from Grey’s Anatomy

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“Years and years of character development down the drain with a few lines. He went back to Izzie after YEARS of growing after what she did to him??? And after she apparently hid his kids from him for YEARS??? Come on. I hate him for that.”

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