15 TV Lines That Are So Cringey, They Should’ve Been Cut Out Of The Shows

1. When Jughead gave his infamous “weirdo” speech on Riverdale:

sub-buzz-975-1572633161-1.jpg (700×1188)

2. When Amy and Ben had a real heart-to-heart on The Secret Life of the American Teenager:

sub-buzz-700-1572627786-1.jpg (700×1041)

3. When Rachel discussed her “metaphorical gold stars” on Glee:

sub-buzz-1309-1572642785-1.jpg (600×1031)

4. When Barney started using hashtags in conversations on How I Met Your Mother:

sub-buzz-630-1572626509-1.jpg (600×340)

5. When Ezra got VERY serious about his master’s degree on Pretty Little Liars:

sub-buzz-664-1572627215-1.jpg (600×338)

6. When Veronica used “endgame” in a completely serious moment on Riverdale:

sub-buzz-2321-1572559176-2.jpg (600×338)

7. When Dawn got her first kiss and then turned into a pirate on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

sub-buzz-658-1572628295-1.jpg (600×338)

8. When Meredith gave Derek an ultimatum on Grey’s Anatomy:

sub-buzz-688-1572628038-1.jpg (600×338)

9. When Carrie didn’t know how to prioritize her needs on Sex and the City:

sub-buzz-958-1572633171-1.jpg (600×450)

10. When Tyene said…this on Game of Thrones:

sub-buzz-2467-1572557471-1.jpg (600×339)

11. When Clare had a very intense moment in a very crowded room on Degrassi:

sub-buzz-779-1572629587-1.jpg (600×678)

12. When Buffy delivered this truly wild one-liner on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

sub-buzz-789-1572630545-1.jpg (600×462)

13. When Eric uttered this truly horrifying sentence on True Blood:

sub-buzz-729-1572628481-1.jpg (600×338)

14. When Jessie broke into song on Saved by the Bell:

sub-buzz-857-1572631140-1.jpg (600×761)

15. And finally, when Archie got ~real~ about high school football on Riverdale:

sub-buzz-648-1572627340-1.jpg (600×338)

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