17 Times TV Characters Got Roasted To Hell And Back

1. When Blanche got dragged so badly by Sophia in The Golden Girls:

sub-buzz-3595-1493046892-1.png (700×366)

2. When Don Draper made you want to save this comeback for your own repertoire in Mad Men:

sub-buzz-13578-1493044457-1.png (487×543)

3. When Stephanie called Kimmy Gibler a whore, and it totally went over your head as a kid in Full House:

sub-buzz-13604-1493044824-7.jpg (600×800)

4. When Laurie slept with Kelso, and Jackie retaliated in That ’70s Show:

sub-buzz-12023-1493044004-2.jpg (466×700)

5. When Spike was the king of snark in Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

sub-buzz-389-1492450156-1.jpg (500×474)

6. When Emily proved she was the most savage mom alive in Gilmore Girls:

sub-buzz-1931-1493046384-1.png (488×281)

7. When Quinn’s parents noticed her new tattoo, and Daria shut her down instantly in Daria:

sub-buzz-9263-1492610840-7.png (600×297)

8. When Kimmy totally won this battle with Xan in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:

sub-buzz-1957-1493046540-4.png (500×572)

9. When Lupita absolutely obliterated Doug and Andy in Weeds:

sub-buzz-6413-1492973380-24.jpg (378×639)

10. When Alex tormented Izzie about her past as a model, but she got the last laugh in Grey’s Anatomy:

sub-buzz-8625-1493055033-1.jpg (538×1075)

11. When Geoffrey was continuously sassy toward Uncle Phil and his weight in The Fresh Prince:

sub-buzz-20783-1493047480-10.jpg (600×1360)

12. When Dan tried to use Jonah for intelligence, and Selina had enough in Veep:

sub-buzz-4378-1493048636-11.png (600×263)

13. When Lizzie finally stood up to Kate in Lizzie McGuire:

sub-buzz-20875-1493047096-10.jpg (560×918)

14. When George took a note from The Jerk Store in Seinfeld:

sub-buzz-27703-1493049420-23.jpg (500×3746)

15. When Fran was done with C.C.’s shit in The Nanny:

sub-buzz-25524-1493054453-1.png (598×279)

16. When Monica finally had enough in Friends:

sub-buzz-3550-1493046707-1.png (500×500)

17. And, of course, when Michael Scott roasted every single person in The Office:

sub-buzz-31837-1492891673-10.jpg (496×688)


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