21 Moments “The Big Bang Theory” Had Absolutely No Chill

1. When Sheldon pulled no punches about Penny’s educational background.

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2. When Leonard did the walk of shame, and Penny didn’t hesitate to call him on it.

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3. When Bernadette caused third-degree burns with this insult — and Penny said what we all were thinking.

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4. And when Amy unleashed some third-degree burns of her own — and Penny’s face was our face.

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5. When this nurse quickly sized up Howard’s predicament.

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6. When Raj told Howard exactly what he thought of this outfit.

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7. When Leonard basically called Sheldon an alien for being weird AF.

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8. When Sheldon threw shade all over Leonard’s relationship history.

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9. When Penny saw her shot and damn well took it.

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10. When Howard and Raj didn’t hold back about each other’s respective countries.

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11. When Penny (literally) destroyed Sheldon during Halo night.

enhanced-16100-1429642913-7.jpg (600×1008)

12. When Raj unleashed this burn that probably left some scars.

original-25795-1429632639-25.jpg (600×337)

13. When Sheldon quickly put dim-witted Zack in his place.

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14. When Penny decided to hit below the belt.

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15. When Amy told veteran actor Wil Wheaton his acting sucked.

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16. When Leonard slipped in this burn at Howard and Bernadette’s wedding, because Penny wouldn’t marry him.

enhanced-1445-1429641437-2.jpg (600×1013)

17. When Sheldon didn’t miss a beat on this dig at Raj’s “issues.”

enhanced-17131-1429641508-8.jpg (600×991)

18. When Barry Kripke couldn’t wait to rub in Sheldon’s mistake about his scientific findings.

enhanced-1567-1429639840-1.jpg (600×1140)

19. When Bernadette really wanted to win the scavenger hunt, and didn’t have time for Leonard’s bullshit.

enhanced-1509-1429641618-12.jpg (600×1296)

20. When Howard just had to tell his mom how it was.

enhanced-5455-1429642678-14.jpg (600×635)

21. And, literally every time Sheldon said his famous catch phrase.

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