How Close Is Kaley Cuoco To Her Real Dad?

America fell in love with Kaley Cuoco, when she was cast as “Penny,” the spunky blond counterpart to a crew of nerdy boys on The Big Bang Theory. In this role, Kaley Cuoco interpreted the typical midwestern gal who dreamed of making it big in the city. “Penny” was a red-blooded girl from a small town in Iowa, complete with a high school sweetheart and an adorable father who owned a small, family farm. In fact, Kaley’s character had such a perfect family that many fans began to wonder what the actress’ real dad is actually like.

Kelly & Her Stage Dad

While many young actors are the result of infamous “stage moms,” that wasn’t exactly Kaley’s case. Actually, the sitcom star initially got involved in acting because of the combined support of her mother, Layne Ann Wingate and of her father Gary Carmine Cuoco. The proud father worked in real estate, while his six year-old daughter dedicated herself to acting. Meanwhile, Kaley’s mother helped educate her via homeschool. With all of this super sweet parental support, Kaley was able to star in six Barbie commercials, according to her biography on IMDB. The outlet also reports that she played a younger version of Ellen DeGeneres “Little Ellen” on the comedian’s 1994 show. So adorable! With all of her success, however, Kaley grew protective of her parents and began making an effort to keep their names out of the media. In order to maintain this sense of privacy, Kaley has structured her Instagram account to contain very few family photos.

A Daddy’s Girl, All Grown Up

Kaley Cuoco Enjoys Laker Game Alongside Her Father |

However, just because Kaley is private about her family life, doesn’t mean that she hasn’t given her fan base a glimpse of her excellent relationship with her father. Since she is unafraid to accompany her dear old dad to public events, the paparazzi have spotted the pair out and about, enjoying each other’s company. ABC News published some heartwarming shots of the father-daughter duo bonding over a basketball game. The two nabbed some front row seats to watch the Los Angeles Lakers face off against the New York Knicks. In the photo, both Kaley and her dad seem to be in high spirits with big smiles and clasped hands that reveal true interest in the game.

A Birthday Surprise

Kaley Cuoco Surprise Birthday Party; Ryan Sweeting; Nobu Malibu |

Another sweet moment between Kaley and her dad took place on Gary’s 70th birthday. The actress broke from her typical silence surrounding her family and took to Instagram with a cute video. In the clip, Kaley and her sister successfully surprise their dad with a huge party, including fifty of his friends. What a bash!  We don’t know what’s next for the adorable father-daughter duo, but we are excited to see how their relationship grows!

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