10 Sitcom Men Who Were Just Offensive And 10 Who Were Honestly Gems

1. Tired: Ross from Friends

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(Deep breath) Ross was an entitled, closed-minded know-it-all who continuously prioritized his own pride above his friends’ feelings. He constantly gave excuses and thought he was superior to everyone around him. He never once took responsibility for his actions, and he felt the world owed him something when in reality he was basically handed everything.

2. Wired: Winston from New Girl

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Winston was the best character on New Girl and that’s just a fact. He wasn’t afraid to be emotional, yet he wasn’t clingy. He was such a good role model of someone who finds their passion later in life, and he was consistently SUCH a good friend to every single roommate. He was so quirky and silly and he does NOT get enough love.

3. Tired: Barney from How I Met Your Mother

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Barney was an extremely offensive, rude, and cocky womanizer with few redeeming qualities. I’m convinced the only reason anyone likes him is because he’s played by the insanely charming Neil Patrick Harris. I don’t know why any of the other characters put up with him.

4. Wired: Andy from Parks and Recreation

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Andy is basically a golden retriever as a person. He’s funny, genuine, and caring. He’s not a very good partner to Ann, but by the time he gets together with April he’s truly grown and starts to come into his own. Andy is actually a really inspiring character because many of his dreams don’t work out and he has to continually readjust and find something new.

5. Tired: Ted from How I Met Your Mother

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Ted is so whiny and is honestly the main reason for his own problems in life. He thinks he’s way smarter than he is (a running theme on this list) and tries to force his so-called intelligence on others in order to seem superior to them.

6. Wired: Jason from The Good Place

Best And Worst Sitcom Men
Jason is one of my favorite characters on modern television. It’s a testament to how broken the Good Place/Bad Place system is that he ended up in the Bad Place, because Jason’s main crime is just being unintelligent. He’s genuinely caring and good-hearted, and always has good intentions. Plus he’s hilarious.

7. Tired: Jack from 30 Rock

Best And Worst Sitcom Men
Well-meaning-yet-sexist boss is already far too much of a trope in real life for it to be entertaining for so many years onscreen. While Jack can be a good push for Liz and their relationship can be fun, Jack just has too many comments that rub me the wrong way. He also sold a dangerous product overseas after it wasn’t allowed to be sold in the US, so…yeah.

8. Wired: Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Holt is such a wonderful character and not only because he’s a greatly layered portrayal of a Black, gay man in law enforcement. He’s an incredible boss and pushes and supports Jake and the others, and he rightfully earns their respect. He’s also hilarious, which helps.

9. Tired: Michael from The Office

Best And Worst Sitcom Men
Look, I know the point of The Office is that we’re supposed to laugh at Michael. And I also know he is occasionally a nice/good person. But honestly, Michael is just so sexist and racist that it goes too far for me. He was a horrible boss and person, and kind of ruined the show for me.

10. Wired: Andy from Modern Family

Best And Worst Sitcom Men
I’m still mad Haley didn’t end up with Andy. Andy was such a sweet guy, and part of what made him so great was that he rejected toxic and antiquated ideas of masculinity, and embraced his more sensitive side. Andy was a good person and friend, and he was great at his job.

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