How I Met Your Mother: Unpopular Opinions About The Show

How I Met Your Mother has been over for some time now, but it is still regularly enjoyed on Netflix and memed on the internet. Unfortunately, the show’s controversial and disenchanting series finale permanently stained its reputation, and it will forever remain known as “that show with the crappy ending where the mom dies.”

The Finale Was Perfect

As was stated in the introduction, the series finale for How I Met Your Mother was widely panned and is still considered a disgrace within the general fandom. But that’s not to say that everyone hates it. The top-rated comment in this unpopular opinions thread argues that the finale was “perfect.” Not just good. But perfect. They admonished the series’ fans for reacting the way they did and defended their opinion by stating “life is messy and not everything can be perfect, it reflected life, it reflected reality.”

Ted Should Be With Robin

One of the biggest criticisms of the finale is that Ted ended up with Robin. It was a massive slap in the face for years’ worth of character development and high expectations, and after all, the show is called How I Met Your Mother. People didn’t want to see Ted blow her memory off to go be with Robin. Except for ItsSmoof, who states with assured confidence that “Ted should be with Robin.” We guess they didn’t mind the series finale, either.


The Robin & Barney Relationship


This unpopular opinion is so controversial that it required its own thread! The post from jessdarling247 is told through an unpopular opinion puffin, and it simply reads “the Robin and Barney relationship is total bull****.” When asked to explain themselves, they argue that Barney “[never] really developed into someone who belongs in a marriage.” They also bluntly state “I’m honestly kind of hoping they do get divorced.” They certainly got their wish”

The Mother Sucks

We all agree that mother is beautiful character of the show But according to REDDIT ” They Dont Like The Mother”

Season 6 Is The Show’s Best

Like favorite characters, the issue of favorite seasons can vary wildly from person to person. That said, most people agree that How I Met Your Mother started going downhill somewhere around season five. However, a Reddit user whose name has since been deleted argues that season six is the show’s greatest, arguing that it was “an excellent, almost self-contained story.” That said, they admit “a lot of people think this season began the show’s downfall. “




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