5 Ways Ted, Marshall, Barney Are The Better Trio

Ross, Chandler, and Joey, and Ted, Marshall, and Barney are great trios. But does Friends have the best trio, or is it How I Met Your Mother?

Ted, Marshall, & Barney Have Traditions

Ross, Chandler, and Joey do things regularly, but not necessarily traditions. Ted, Marshall, and Barney, however, do happen to have a couple.

For one, they watch Star Wars together every three years, and they also have Robots Vs. Wrestlers, which they may miss sometimes, but is still a tradition.

Ted, Marshall, & Barney Are There For The Big Moments

We do not know what happens after the finale of Friends other than that Joey leaves for Los Angeles. We do not know how often the gang sees each other if ever, Ross and Rachel likely see Monica and Chandler, but as for Phoebe and Joey, who knows.

What we know from How I Met Your Mother’s finale is that the gang may not see each other constantly, but they are always there for the big stuff, that includes Ted, Marshall, and Barney

Ted, Marshall, & Barney Wanted To Work Together

Joey gets a chance to work with both Ross and Chandler, and neither really works out well, and in an alternate timeline, Chandler works for Joey, and that does not work either.

When the opportunity presents itself for Ted, Marshall, and Barney to work together at GNB, despite the questionable morales, they are excited to work with each other, and it is the highlight of the job for Marshall

Ted, Marshall, & Barney Hang Out More As A Trio

Ultimately, the guys in Friends are seen hanging out, just the three of them, not a massive amount. Yes, they are together a lot, but most of the time, it is with other people, or it is just two of them.

While Ted, Marshall, and Barney do hang out in the bigger group, we often see the three of them at their apartments and, more often so, the bar.

Ted, Marshall, & Barney Are Closer As A Trio

When you look at the separate possible pairings, the trio from How I Met Your Mother is much closer as a three.

Chandler and Joey, and Chandler and Ross, are amazingly close, but Ross and Joey do not really click as much despite being friends, especially near the end of the show. Each pairing from How I Met Your Mother gets on, and hang out one on one, and all get on great, despite Marshall and Ted being the closest.







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