HIMYM: Everything In Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir (& When It’s Used)

Barney invented a special hangover cure in How I Met Your Mother known as “Stinson’s Fixer Elixir.” Played by Neil Patrick Harris, the core character had a tendency to prioritize having fun despite being the oldest member of the group. While Barney eventually settled down after the birth of his daughter, he had some wild nights in his twenties and thirties. Here’s a history of the Fixer Elixir and a breakdown of the cure’s ingredients.

Stinson’s Fixer Elixir was first introduced in the How I Met Your Mother season 9 episode, “Rally.” The episode began with the focus on Ted and the “Mother” in 2021, gearing up for a New Year’s Eve party before flipping back to the primary timeline centered on Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend. On the morning of the ceremony, Robin and the group found Barney fighting a major hangover. In order to help him revive before the wedding photos, they attempt to gather all of the appropriate ingredients to make Barney’s magical hangover cure.

Barney first invented the bright green gag-worthy drink well before the events of How I Met Your Mother‘s final season. After referring to himself as “Barnert Stinsonheimer,” Barney claimed he came up with a few failures before perfecting the cure, resulting in the “Brobel Prize.” According to Barney, Stinson’s Fixer Elixir contained Tantrum, a knock-off Mountain Dew that held the “highest caffeine level legally available over the counter,” in addition to bananas, ginger, grease, Funyuns, and a special ingredient. By this point in the series, all of Barney’s friends had used the cure.

When Stinson’s Fixer Elixir Was Used In HIMYM

Barney didn’t create the hangover cure purely for himself, he made it to help his friends during their lowest points. After Ted was left at the altar by Stella, Barney gave his pal the Fixer Elixir to help him recover from a downward spiral. Robin then used it as a boost ahead of her return as a live news journalist. As for Marshall, he needed the hangover cure after believing he failed his bar exam while Lily required a pick-me-up when she worried about her kindergarten field trip. The Mother, Tracy, then joined the Fixer Elixir club after becoming severely hungover as a result of the New Year’s party.

Barney’s Secret Ingredient In The Hangover Cure

While Barney’s closest friends searched for the secret ingredient in the How I Met Your Mother episode “Rally,” it was revealed that there actually wasn’t one. He made up the secret ingredient because he wanted to convince his friends that the cure would work some of the toughest moments of their lives. It was then insinuated that the final ingredient was love. So even though he lied, it was a tiny white lie that gave the drinkers the hope that better days were ahead. To repay the favor, the group lied to Barney by making him think that he didn’t mess up the wedding photos due to his drunkenness.

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