How I Met Your Mother: 10 Times Ted Was A Hypocrite

The characters who end up telling their own story have a distinct advantage over other fictional people. They can tell their story in a way that makes them look like the good guys and they can alter the way things really happened to come out looking more sympathetic.

Ted Mosby is one example of a person who did this. It’s true that he started out as a pretty nice guy but he did some unsavory things later on and acted like a hypocrite multiple times without acknowledging it later.

Ted Judged Royce For Being Left At The Altar

Royce was a girl Ted dated for one single episode. It happened after Stella had left him at the altar. Royce seemed like a nice person – except she liked the awful film The Wedding Bride too much. Yet, the relationship ended the moment Ted learned Royce had a lot of personal baggage.

It was a bit hypocritical for Ted to judge Royce for being left at the altar. The same thing happened to him and it wasn’t Ted’s fault, so perhaps Royce wasn’t to blame either.

Ted Broke The Bro Code

Ted and Barney might not be the best of friends but they do consider each other bros and expect each other to uphold the Bro Code. However, this hasn’t always been the case. As fans remember, Ted got angry at Barney after he “broke the Bro Code” by sleeping with Robin (although Ted was unaware that Barney was in love with Robin). He refuses to speak with Barney, says their friendship is over, and only reconciles with Barney when he has an accident.

A few seasons later, though, Ted breaks the Bro Code himself. He’s in love with Robin who’s marrying Barney soon. He has a weird romantic moment with her and when Barney sees it and confronts Ted about “breaking the Bro Code,” Ted says he didn’t and acts like it’s no big deal.

Ted Made Robin Get Rid Of Her Dogs

One of the most hypocritical things Ted did on the show was asking Robin to get rid of the dogs. Ted and Robin argued when she found out he kept a lot of things from his ex-girlfriends. She asked him to get rid of the stuff. After he did, Ted made a similar request and asked Robin to get rid of her dogs because they were gifts from her exes.

Ted didn’t realize living creatures are something else than lamps and pillows. What’s worse, when Robin conceded, she discovered Ted had returned all the stuff he had promised he would throw away back into his apartment.

Ted’s Story Wasn’t About Tracy

Right from the start, when Ted begins to tell the story to his children, he claims it’s about how he met their mom Tracy. But as it later turns out, it’s really a story about Ted’s love for Robin and how they always find their way to each other.

Tracy herself only has a significant role in the last season. It’s a bit hypocritical to spend a lot of time telling one’s children about a different woman and claim it’s about their mom.

Ted’s Anger At Victoria For Cheating On Him

When Ted and Victoria reunite a few years after their break-up, Ted learns Victoria was only single for a day or so after their break-up.

Then she got together with Klaus. Ted’s angry at Victoria for moving on so quickly, but the fact is, she didn’t technically cheat. In fact, it’s a bit hypocritical of Ted to be angry when he kissed Robin while he was still dating Victoria.

Ted Acts Like A Romantic But He Treats Women Terribly

Ted likes to paint himself in a better light to his children – with a few notable exceptions when he acknowledges he acted awful. However, that doesn’t change the fact that most of Ted’s stories often see him treats women in a horrible way.

He cheats on Victoria, breaks up with Natalie twice on her birthday, and keeps Henrietta on the hook even though she’s hopelessly in love with him. While he does talk about how he is a respectful guy, these women might tell you otherwise.

Ted Judges Barney But Does The Same Thing

Ted can be quite judgmental even toward his friends. It’s true that Barney doesn’t treat women well. However, Ted isn’t the best person to judge. For example, Ted acts disappointed in Barney when he discovers Rachel, one of his students, in Barney’s office. Ted told Barney not to date Rachel because she was so young.

Yet a little earlier, Ted was pursuing another student, Cindy, who couldn’t have been much older than Rachel. Also, Ted said that the Playbook Barney uses for picking up women is gross but he still used it himself several times.

Ted Can’t Find The Right Girl But Is Overly Demanding

The whole series is focused on Ted’s effort to find the so-called ‘the one.’ Ted keeps complaining he’s lonely and single most of the time. Except that it’s his fault because he has incredibly high demands.

His perfect woman has to fit very narrow categories that Ted had come up with, and that just isn’t realistic. Plus, he claims he wants to find the one, but he’s overly fixated on Robin who wants different things in life than Ted does.

Ted’s Treatment Of Robin

Ted and Robin… have a strange relationship. While they would say they are good friends, there have been plenty of moments that suggest otherwise, especially after they break up. Case in point – Ted is jealous when Robin finds a boyfriend and it looks like she’s serious about the relationship. This happened both with Gael or Kevin.

However, what Ted doesn’t realize is that he has had plenty of girlfriends and has not even considered Robin’s feelings. And throughout the show, he has had many more girlfriends than Robin has boyfriends.

Ted Wanted To Leave His Friends

There were multiple instances on the show when a member of Ted’s group of friends decided to move away for a time. And in most of these cases, Ted didn’t react positively to it. Yet, Ted was planning to move to Chicago after Robin’s wedding to Barney just because he couldn’t handle seeing them together. Ted has some serious double standards.

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