How I Met Your Mother: Why Lily Disappeared In Season 4

MacLaren’s Pub was a popular hangout spot throughout How I Met Your Mother, but the gang failed to notice a door near their favorite booth.

MacLaren’s Pub was a primary hangout location for the characters in How I Met Your Mother and the setting of a prank involving a “mystery door.” The Irish bar was close to Ted Mosby‘s apartment for the duration of the series, making it a convenient spot for the gang to meet. It also helped that various other characters lived in the apartment at some point, including Marshall Eriksen, Lily Aldrin, and Robin Scherbatsky. Barney Stinson may not have lived in close proximity but he too was a regular.

MacLaren’s Pub was essentially How I Met Your Mother‘s version of Central Perk from Friends. The gang spent a lot of time at the bar which served as a site of important moments and conversations. The bar was located on the ground floor in the same building as Ted’s apartment so it was simple to get to. Even though the group sat in multiple tables, their favorite booth was located right near the bar.

The bar itself hosted a slew of parties and celebrations over the course of the series. The best moments, however, came from the everyday interactions between the group of friends. One particular story set in the bar came into focus in the season 7 finale when Lily needed distractions while she was in labor. The group then shared funny stories in the form of flashbacks, including “Where Does That Door Go,” which revealed the truth about MacLaren’s mystery door. While sitting at the booth, Ted pointed out a door that they never knew existed. The door didn’t lead to anywhere special but it gave the gang an opportunity for an epic prank.

After discovering the mysterious door in MacLaren’s Pub, Ted stood up and walked inside. Robin, Barney, and Lily followed, opening the door, and walking through as if they were mesmerized by what was on the other side. The group led Marshall and the viewers to believe that it was some kind of magical portal to another universe. In reality, it was just an ordinary supply closet that they just hadn’t realized was there the entire time.

Marshall sat in the booth by himself while he debated following the others into the door. He finally found the courage and opened the door. The four others were hiding inside, ready to scare him. It worked and How I Met Your Mother solved yet another mystery within the series. For those looking to visit MacLaren’s Pub as a way to pay tribute to some of the most memorable moments in the sitcom, the setting is made up. The fictional bar, however, was based on McGee’s Pub in New York City. They still have special How I Met Your Mother-themed menu items and cocktails available for fans of the series.

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