Friends: 10 Strange Things About The Show That Can’t Be Forgotten

Friends is one of the most legendary sitcoms of all time, and the fact that the show’s finale is the fifth-most watched finale in series history is a testament to its massive popularity. All the characters of the show have become mainstays of pop culture, with fans still comparing themselves to them, even now.
Of course, the celebrated status of Friends doesn’t mean that the show isn’t privy to some occasional mistakes, goof-ups, and everything else along the same lines. Keeping this in mind, these instances on the show are just so strange and off-beat that even the most ardent fans can’t ignore them, no matter how hard they try.

Ross Outright Lies About The People He’s Slept With Before The Show

friends-ross-geller-Cropped.jpg (740×370)

Rachel Built A Successful Career With Little To No Qualifications

friends-rachel-green-Cropped.jpg (740×370)
The idea of leaving your well-to-do family and struggling to stand on your own two feet is a noble goal that anyone can sympathize with, but the manner in which Rachel excels in doing so is rather hard to believe.

Joey Seems Extremely Dumb For Someone Who’s A Womanizer

friends-joey-tribbiani-Cropped-1.jpg (740×370)
The foremost qualities that one would associate with a ladies’ man are a smooth tongue and the ability to quickly think under pressure — both things that hard to picture with regards to Joey and his behavior.

Phoebe & Rachel Were Rather Mean About Monica Dating Chandler

Friends-Rachel-Phoebe-Monica-Locked-Out-Of-The-Apartment-Keys.jpg (740×370)
The idea of two people within a friend group dating should be something that the mutual friends ideally support, but the manner in which Phoebe and Rachel treat this development is anything but.

Ursula Sleeping With Phoebe’s Boyfriend Is Extremely Disturbing

Friends-Secondary-Character-ursula.jpg (740×370)
While it might be funny to think about Ursula stealing Phoebe’s high school boyfriend by sleeping with him and pretending to be her twin sister, the implications of this are quite dire.

It’s Weird How No One Else Sits On The Central Perk Couch

Central-Perk-Friends-Monica-Ross-Phoebe-and-Chandler.jpg (740×370)
The Central Perk couch is one of the most legendary fictional pieces of furniture in one of the most legendary fictional coffee shops of all time. It’s also a very alluring seat in a shop that should ideally be full all the time, and yet, the gang has no problem grabbing a seat here every single time.

Monica’s Statement About Having A Cat Allergy Seems Highly Suspect

friends-monica-geller-Cropped-1.jpg (740×370)

It’s Unclear Whether Ross Or Chandler Would Win In A Fight Against Each Other

Phoebe-Joey-Ross-Rachel-The-One-with-Chandler-in-a-Box-10-Memorable-Thanksgiving-Fights-jpeg.jpg (740×370)
When it comes to Ross and Chandler getting into a fight, it seems that the group can’t make up their mind about who would win.

Ross Eats Ice Cream With Elizabeth, Even After Stating That He Hates It

Friends-Ross-and-Elizabeth.jpg (740×370)

Joey & Rachel Dating Was Just A Complete Waste Of Time

Joey-Rachel-Story-Entry.jpeg (740×370)
When Joey and Rachel decided to get in a relationship — a move that was quite confusing given their complete lack of chemistry.

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