Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Things That Annoyed Even the Die Hard Fans

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine fandom is exceptionally adoring, clearly attaching to their show. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean fans can see no wrong in the show.

10- The Constant Picking On Charles


Charles Boyle has some characteristics that irritate admirers, yet he has remained a popular character for the most part, despite or because of his neuroses and oddities. As a result, his treatment by the other characters, particularly his buddies, irritated some viewers.

9- Debbie Being Corrupt & Getting Arrested


The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been incredibly steady for the most part, with only one crucial cast member quitting the show (and still appearing as a guest). Nonetheless, when Debbie, a new recurrent character, appeared as Holt’s new companion, she piqued the curiosity of many viewers, since she resembled Boyle’s pre-character development but with her characteristics, such as excessive naiveté.

8- Sophia Dumping Jake For Arresting Her Boss


Sophia Perez was always a stumbling block to the show’s seemingly inevitable Amy and Jake pairing. Still, their connection intrigued viewers by demonstrating the difficulty of dating a cop and a lawyer, as well as juxtaposing the two’s similarities and contrasts.

7- Boyle’s Lack Of Boundaries


One of Charles Boyle’s most distinguishing characteristics is his near-total lack of limits for his buddies. He constantly interjects himself into their romantic lives, exposes intimate details about his health or sex life, and makes grammatical errors for which he is unaware of the double meaning.

6- The Reappearance Of The Vulture


The Vulture was a police officer who worked against the Nine-Nine squad. He was introduced as a one-episode enemy early in Season 1, with the gimmick of “swooping in” and stealing the nearly-complete cases of other cops. His time appears to be up as the episode he presented comes to a gratifying finish.

5- Boyle’s One-Sided Rivalry With Terry


Charles Boyle’s one-sided competition with Terry is a source of occasional hilarity. As he tries to one-up his sergeant in appearance, skill, and friendship with Jake while also making fun of him. Even when Terry does something nice. Mocking Terry’s appearance, especially when the character has suffered from an eating disorder, can irritate some fans.

4- Jake & Amy’s ‘Arrest Bet.’

One of the earliest recurring plotlines in Season 1 is that Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago had a bet about getting the most felony arrests before a deadline. With Jake winning and taking Amy out on “the worst date ever.”

3- Adrian Pimento’s Recurring Nature

Adrian Pimento amused most fans when he first appeared in the show as a squad member left somewhat unstable by a long stint undercover in the Mafia. Prone to wacky hijinks and having near-instant tension with Rosa Diaz.

2- Amy & Jake’s Child-Having Debate

In the Season 6 episode “Casecation,” Jake and Amy’s work date is interrupted by them arguing about having children. Something Amy wants to do, but Jake doesn’t.

1-Gina Linetti’s Actions

One of the original main cast, Gina Linetti, was always one of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s controversial characters.

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