How I Met Your Mother: The Best (& Worst) Trait Of Each Main Character

Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robin, and Barney are an integral part of How I Met Your Mother and the characters boasted both amazing and terrible traits.

There was a time when How I Met Your Mother was one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Regardless of the opinions most people might have about this show, there’s no denying the fact that How I Met Your Mother was a pop culture phenomenon that people still look back on fondly to this day.

10 Ted Mosby — A Romantic At Heart (But Somewhat Delusional)

The main character of the show is also someone that is reviled by many, but there’s no denying the fact that he was a hopeless romantic at heart — something that is extremely rare in most people nowadays.

That being said, one has to admit that Ted was pretty delusional when it came to most of the women he met in his life, and this overly attached nature of his is ultimately what led to most of breakups in his life.

9 Marshall Eriksen — A Goofball (With A Distinct Lack Of Social Awareness)

Marshall Eriksen is one of the more likable characters on the show, mainly due to his goofy nature that always meant that he had something funny to offer up in every scene he was featured in. That being said, his tendency to look at the funny side of life meant that he was constantly passing inappropriate remarks and doing weird things in situations where he should’ve been 

calmer… although, in his defense, it’s these moments that made people laugh out loud the most.

8 Lily Aldrin — A Sweet And Caring Individual (With A Massive Temper)

Lily might be one of the sweeter and more understanding people on the show… but there’s no denying the fact that she had a massive temper that she was infamous for.

No character should be lauded for having a short fuse, regardless of how endearingly it might’ve been presented on the show.

7 Robin Scherbatsky — Career-Driven (Yet Somewhat Fickle-Minded)

The new addition to the group was  was a career-minded individual who definitely stood on her own two feet and became a successful news anchor and morning talk show host.

That being said, there are several moments in How I Met Your Mother that have been absolutely frustrating to watch due to Robin’s indecisive nature, whether it be regarding the men in her life  or the work she had to do.

6 Barney Stinson — Loyal To His Friends (But Not To Anyone Else)

Barney is easily one of the most legendary characters of the entire show, with his presence single-handedly convincing the majority of potential viewers to get into the show in the first place.

His loyalty and devotion to his friends is something that should definitely be commended, although it would’ve been good if he could show the same level of loyalty to other people — especially the women he sleeps with. But for what it’s worth, Barney Stinson would’ve never been Barney Stinson without a bit of womanizing.

5 Tracy McConnell — Extremely Understanding (With Just A Sprinkling Of Sarcasm)

The long-awaited reveal of the mother in the eponymous show was very much well-received, with Tracy McConnell being a breath of fresh air in a show full to the brim with characters who had run their course.

A big part of what made Tracy such a likable character was the fact that she was a very nice and understanding person who was never reactionary when it came to most things. The only negative that one can bring up about her character is that she was slightly sarcastic… but even that could be spun in a positive way for most people.

4 Ranjit Singh — Great At Giving Advice (Yet Somewhat Nosy)

The driver who has been a constant throughout How I Met Your Mother, Ranjit Singh is a wholesome character whose advice is definitely something that has always led to great things for the cast.

That being said, one has to admit that he’s an extremely nosy person — something that most people would definitely not appreciate in the slightest.

3 James Stinson — An Excellent Orator (Who Is Also A Habitual Cheater)

Barney’s half-brother is easily one of the most charismatic people on the show, and people can’t help but be entranced by his brilliant use of words.

That being said, this charisma ultimately led to James cheating on his partner, which is something that is unforgivable regardless of the consequences. 

2 Quinn Garvey — An Alluring Individual (Who’s Also Somewhat Manipulative)

Before ending up with Robin, Barney had a bunch of girlfriends that he tried to go steady with, with varying results every time. Quinn Garvey is one such individual who was positively enchanting in every way, to the point where both Barney and the viewers were easily infatuated with her.

That being said, one has to admit that Quinn was also quite manipulative, especially in the first few appearances of her character when she was clearly milking Barney for all his money.

1 Zoey Pierson — A Sound Moral Compass (That Can Be Somewhat Overbearing At Times)

Zoey Pierson was a fierce individual who always stood up for what was right, regardless of the consequences that may follow.

That being said, this warrior mentality did end up being rather overbearing for some viewers, who were quickly tired of her schtick — something that the writers realized, given the fact that her social work quickly took a backseat to the romance that was blooming between her and Ted.



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