How I Met Your Mother: Each Main Character’s First & Last Line In The Series

How I Met Your Mother’s characters and their growth or lack thereof can be seen in their first and final lines uttered in the series.

The show’s main characters are a huge part of what has made it so beloved over the years, with each of them having their fair share of iconic quotes throughout the nine seasons. That includes their first line in season one to their last in the show’s controversial finale.

Ted’s Kids

Ted’s kids are the ones being subjected to Ted’s long, long story about how he met their mother, with the two popping up in many episodes as they listen to their father.

Each of the two’s first words comes after Ted explains that he is about to tell them a story at the beginning of the first episode, and it is fair to say they were not overly enthusiastic, which is understandable since he told the story for nine years. Their last lines come at the end of the finale as they are getting their father to call Robin and ask her out, with Ted tentatively agreeing and the controversial, if not hated, final moments of the series finale following.

Tracy McConnell

Her first appearance, played by Cristin Milioti, is very brief as she closes out season eight buying her train ticket to the place where she would meet Ted and the gang, Farhampton, the location

of Barney and Robin’s wedding. Her final line comes in the finale and tops off a back and forth with Ted, which sees the two hit it off and form an instant connection. That sweet moment is hurt by the nature of the finale and the fact that she sadly passes away, making way for Ted and Robin to reignite their romance.

Lily Aldrin

The mother of the group, and a character with an incredibly kind, loving demeanor hiding a scary, manipulative side, is Lily Aldrin, a constant throughout the show, absent for only a short while when she and Marshall were on a break.

Like everyone on the list except Tracy, Lily’s first line comes in the first episode as she comes home from work and announces to Marshall what she has gone through that day. It’s the signature comedy she’d become known for and lays out her career. Lily’s final words are far more emotional in the finale, as she talks to the gang in MacLarens for the last time, as she toasts, teary-eyed to her friends.

Marshall Eriksen

Lily’s long-time love, Marshall, is probably the most grounded and overall nicest member of the gang for the nine seasons and provides a lot of brilliance and humor over the years.

Marshall’s first proposal is not directed at Lily but rather at his best friend Ted as he plans and prepares for proposing to Lily later in the episode, a fitting opening gag for the pair. Like Lily, Marshall’s last line is a far more emotional one in the gang’s final get-together. It comes in MacLarens as he turns to the table of young people behind them, asking if they know what happened at that bar, a special place for the gang and for fans of the show.

Robin Scherbatsky

Ex-wife and long term love interest of Barney, the obsession of Ted, and the best friend of Lily, Robin Scherbatsky was a crucial part of seriesShe was also a controversial part, not down to her, but simply the nature of the finale in which it is revealed the entire show was a ploy for Ted and Robin to get together once again.

Barney Stinson

There is no doubt that Barney Stinson is the most iconic character  to come out of the show, beloved by fans, with a lot of growth and hilarious moments weaved in some fantastic storylines. However, his first line of the show is racially insensitive in regards to Lebanese women and reveals how very far he has to go in terms of character evolution.

As for his last, apart from a “Here, here!” from the gang as a whole, Barney’s final line comes in a conversation with Robin as he talks about his daughter, and he says another iconic line. However, this time it has a much different meaning as Barney seems to have moved on from his self-absorbed playboy ways, fully focused on his love for his daughter.

Ted Mosby

Ted Mosby is one of the most controversial main characters in sitcom history, being unbelievably hated by many of the show’s fans for his lack of development, role in the finale, and his being a regularly bad person in general at times.

Nevertheless, he is the show’s main character, and his first line comes in the opening moments of the first episode, with the voice of older Ted [Bob Saget] telling his kids to prepare for the long journey ahead. His last line is also from future Ted (this time as Josh Radnor) when his kids attempt to convince him to call Robin,which he is a bit hesitant about. In typical Ted fashion, he decides against phoning her and instead goes to her apartment with the famous blue french horn.

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