Based on Your Astrological Sign, Which Brooklyn Nine-Nine Character Are You?

Although its accuracy cannot be scientifically proven, the Zodiac has existed in various forms for millennia, implying that people continue to rely on its predictions. It’s always a fun exercise to put fictional characters through astrological analysis because it helps cement their characteristics and tendencies in their respective stories.

12. Rosa Diaz is an Aries. Never Avoids Taking Responsibility

Rosa Diaz never shies away from taking responsibility, even if her natural reaction to obstacles is rage and frustration.

11. Gina Linetti is both the unstoppable force and the immovable object for Taurus.

Gina Linetti is a paradox: she is both an unstoppable force and an immovable object, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes.

10. Doug Judy, a Gemini, is friendly but wildly unpredictable.

Doug Judy is a Gemini, which means he’s laid-back, friendly, and deviously unpredictable. His subtle manipulation reveals that he cares for his cop friend (while making the latter’s life worse) as the Pontiac Bandit, Jake’s nemesis.

9. Norm Scully’s devotion to the crew is undeniable in the face of cancer.

Scully isn’t easy to get along with, but his devotion to the crew is undeniable. More importantly, the intensity of his affection for food, seating arrangements, and toilet cubicles is unmistakable evidence that he is a Cancerian.

8. Jake Peralta, also known as Leo, enjoys the limelight as much as his job.

Jake’s erratic behavior borders on the theatrical, and through this, he expresses his need for attention (that he never received as a child). As is typical of Leos, he enjoys being in the spotlight, but he also works hard to complete all aspects of his police duties, except paperwork, of course.

7. Captain Holt has a unique way of expressing his emotions as a Virgo.

Despite his dry wit, Captain Holt is one of the most intelligent characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He expresses his emotions in a Virgo-like manner, for example, by referring to antique globes with fond childhood nostalgia or by deleting pieces of information from his brain to make room for new ones.

6. Charles Boyle, a Libra, avoids conflict wherever he can.

Charles is committed to his job, his family, the Boyle clan, and, most importantly, Jake Peralta. Jake is even referred to as “the greatest man who ever lived” by him.

5. Amy Santiago, a Scorpio, is known for her fierce competitiveness.

The teacher’s pet, Amy Santiago, is known for her unbridled sense of competition, no matter how minor or insignificant. Her Type-A personality is so strong that she takes offense when others criticize her organizational abilities.

4. Michael Hitchcock’s Honesty Is More Brazen Than Direct — Sagittarius

As Scully’s co-conspirator, Hitchcock takes the bizarre to new heights. He proudly displays his various fetishes in public, denying that anyone could be offended by them (and calling them a snowflake if they are).

3. Kevin Cozner is a Capricorn who is stern but affectionate.

Kevin Costner is a closed-minded professor who scorns his husband’s career choices, but Jake and Gina gradually transform him into a more accepting individual.

2. Adrian Pimento Is An Unchained Spirit In Aquarius

Adrian Pimento may be prone to random acts of violence and break into people’s homes without warning, but he’s a lot smarter and more emotional than the rest of the precinct.

1. Terry Jeffords is a Pisces who never stops giving.

Terry Jeffords is the 99th precinct’s “proud mama hen,” a self-described moniker that needs no explanation. He always has his crew’s best interests at heart, no matter how many dangers he has to avoid.

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