10 Sitcom Characters Who Didn’t Age Well

Humor and cultural norms are two things that are constantly changing. What is acceptable and even amusing one year may become grossly offensive the following year after further reflection and evaluation.
As a result, many characters who were once thought to be among the funniest and most important elements of sitcoms have fallen out of favor as time has passed.

Barney Stinson’s Behavior Is At Best Sexist And At Worst Criminal

Even without his worse actions, Barney Stinson from HIMYM would have aged well. Almost everything he says as a crude womanizer reduces the surrounding women to sexual objects.

Jake Peralta Glorifies Poor Policing In Early Seasons

Brooklyn 9 9 is a show that has been affected by changing standards. Throughout its run, the way police in America operate has come under increased scrutiny.

Debra Barone Abuses Her Husband

The central theme of Everybody Loves Raymond is that, despite their ostensibly loving relationship, Ray Barone frequently irritates his wife, Debra, through his actions. Debra’s behaviour has deteriorated, despite the fact that Ray is far from a saint, especially by today’s standards.

Mrs. Brown Uses ‘Man In A Dress’ Comedy

The central concept of the British and Irish sitcom Mrs. Brown’s Boys is that male comedian Brendan O’Carroll plays the titular Mrs. Brown, a family matriarch. Mrs. Brown’s Boys has a lot of comedy based on this fact.

Lee Han Is Composed Largely Of Racial Stereotypes


In some ways, 2 Broke Girls aspires to be progressive and to tell untold stories. However, 2 Broke Girls has been chastised for its apparent belief that Asian-Americans are acceptable comedic targets simply.

Charlie Harper Goes Too Far Into Depravity

Charlie Harper is another mid-2000s sitcom protagonist whose primary source of comedy is his philandering. Two and a Half Men depicts Harper’s tendency to reduce the surrounding women to sexual objects.

Lee is a slacker who ‘earns’ a relationship by doing the bare minimum in Not Going Out.

Despite having few prospects and very little character development. Lee appears to ‘win’ his landlord Lucy simply by existing throughout Not Going Out, Despite frequently appalling or disgusting her. As a result of the retool, Lee became a much more driven, family man with far more virtues and a much easier relationship with Lucy, now his wife.

Ross Geller Has Become An Overbearing ‘Nice Guy’

However, there has been a glut of ‘give geeks a chance’ storylines in the interim. In retrospect, many people regard Ross as desperate, obsessive, and hypocritical in his behaviour. Rather than the sympathetic romantic lead of the time.

Gloria Pritchett is the object of a lot of stereotypes.

These include references to criminality and poverty in South America, as well as stereotypical views of family life and maternal relationships. Gloria has aged well in some ways, but in others, she is seen as a blot on Modern Family’s record-breaking efforts.

In Many Ways, Sheldon Cooper’s Autism Is A Joke

Sheldon Cooper’s divergence resulted in him acquiring more autism-related characteristics. Although some episodes attempted a sincere examination of the effects, these characteristics had on Sheldon. This type of humour is, at the very least, divisive in today’s society.


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