The Most Unprofessional Moments in How I Met Your Mother, Ranked

HIMYM is one of the classic sitcoms of all time. They have seen a craze that most sitcoms dream of having. In this series, Ted Mosby narrates how he met their mother to his children. The show lasted for 9 seasons, filled with all sorts of emotions. However, the new generation has brought a new idea of what’s funny. Today’s audience isn’t havin’ it, so here is a list of every character’s most unprofessional moment on the show that people disapprove of.

Robin’s Beauty Made Us Overlook Her Actions, But:

Robin as a character gained a lot of popularity. But let’s face it, she was a mess. Robin had the most challenging time navigating what she wanted to do with her career, and once she did figure it out, she took her co-workers for granted. Moreover, Robin’s treatment of Patrice was inexcusably mean for no good reason.

Barney’s Lie Towards Her Dying Mother:

Barney lied to his mother about having a family when he was sick. He hired some actors as his wife and son to show her that he settled down with a family before she died. However, his mother makes it through the illness, and hence Barney has to continue this lie by keeping the actors playing family for years. Just imagine the intensity of heartbreak a mother must feel in this situation.

Marshall’s Move Against Lily’s Dreams:

Marshall and Lily planned to move to Italy, where Lily had a great opportunity of working as an art consultant under Captain. Marshall, however, accepted a job in the city, knowing that it would ruin his wife’s career. Moreover, he hid this fact from her. Even though things worked out in the best way possible, it was a selfish move on Marshall’s part.

Ted’s Tumultuous Love-Life Made Him Annoying:

The main reason for his failed love life has been that he doesn’t understand the concept of “No.” He tries too hard and inevitably ends up getting his heart broken every single time. He pursued Robin for a very long time, even though she made it clear she was not interested. He took Stella Zinman on a two-minute date without understanding that it didn’t prove any point. Stella still doesn’t have time to date. He pursued her to the point of getting a yes, and we all know how that ended for him.

Barney Stinson, The Writer Of A Whole Book, To Seduce A Woman:

He has the worst attitude towards women in the show. He lies to them to get them into bed, secretly records them, and manipulates innocent women. What’s more disturbing is that none of his friends call him out at any moment. Instead, they roll their eyes, treat it like a joke, and move on.

The Interconnected Web Of Lies And Deceit:

When we start to graph the “who cheated on whom” concept, things can get quite complicated with How I Met You Mother characters. Most characters have had a moment of infidelity on the show. Ted goes after Robin while doing long-distance with Victoria, Victoria fleeing on her wedding night, Klaus running away during cold feet, Robin making relationships with her committed friends. The list goes on for a long.


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