Fan Theory: Boyle’s Obsession For Jake Drove Him to Crime on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Years ago, Charles Boyle’s friendship with Jake Peralta on Brookline Nine-Nine devolved into obsession, leading to an unexpected murder. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Charles Boyle has a lot of passions. He enjoys being a part of the NYPD. He is devoted to his wife and son. And he is a foodie to the core. However, nothing and no one is more important to Charles than fellow detective Jake Peralta. His obsessive feelings for Jake are so strong that he once killed someone to “protect” him.

Jake and Charles’ friendship has been growing for a long time. Before the series began, they worked together in the precinct for years, developing a bond that has defined them both. Jake is definitely in charge of this relationship, whether he wants to be or not. Despite Jake’s protests, Charles has willingly accepted the role of sidekick. This dynamic irritates Jake a great deal. He doesn’t want Charles to be his slave, but Charles is putting him in that position.

His obsessive behavior shows up in various ways, and the rest of the crew is constantly calling him out on it. However, things went a little too far in one episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The entire team went to a police convention in Rochester, NY, in Season 4, Episode 17. The gang was ecstatic because the event always included a huge party, and they were all looking forward to letting off steam.

Jake and the rest of the squad decided to throw a party. Regrettably, the cops who usually throw that party have been charged with corruption. Captain Holt, on the other hand, stood in their way. Jake enlisted the help of a trade show security robot to keep an eye on Holt and alert the authorities if he arrived. All of this adoration for the robot made Charles envious, and everyone around him was taken aback.

The squad had become so drunk that they couldn’t recall what had occurred at the party. As they pieced together the events of the evening, they discovered that the robot had been destroyed. In the video, an increasingly drunk Charles talks trash to the robot. Finally, out of jealousy, he dragged it onto a balcony and pushed it over the railing, effectively killing an innocent robot.

This was the unintended but inevitable result of his unhealthy obsession with Jake. What’s truly terrifying is what would happen if anyone else truly challenged him for Jake’s best friend status. When Jake’s old partner, Charles, appeared in Season 3, Episode 15, he went completely off the rails. What would have occurred if he had stayed challenging to say. The man could have ended up beside the robot on the ground.

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