Friends: 10 Times Joey Got Himself Into A Sticky Situation

Joey Tribianni may not be the smartest character on Friends, nor does he have the most and there is a lot of character development ten seasons, but he is certainly the sweetest and most well-intentioned. The road to hell, on the contrary, is paved with good intentions, and Joey, no matter how good-hearted he is, finds himself in numerous sticky situations.

When He Dates Janine

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Joey’s situation became even more awkward when Janine effectively forced him to choose between her, Monica, and Chandler. It was never in doubt who Joey would choose because he was so loyal and loving to his friends. Being in that situation, however, was difficult for him, especially after he had spent so much time pining for Janine.

When He Lost Ross’ Ring

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Joey awoke to find Ross’ dead grandmother’s wedding ring missing after sleeping with the stripper from Ross’ bachelor party. He immediately assumed the stripper stole it. Of course, Duck ate the priceless piece of jewellery, putting Joey in an awkward situation as he misplaced the ring and then nearly lost his beloved pet.

When He Dated Ursula

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Joey found the whole situation to be an awkward disaster. It not only caused a rift between him and Phoebe, but it also caused Ursula to want to break up with him. Despite this, it leads to one of Phoebe and Joey’s many sweet friendship moments on the show.

When He Left The Baby On The Bus

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This is without a doubt one of the most irresponsible and tragic events on the show, as the two lose Ross’ baby and must rely on luck at the bus station to find the right child. It’s a hilarious episode, but it could have gone horribly wrong.

When He Lied To Get Work

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Monica’s improvised prosthetic fell off in front of the director and casting agent for a film Joey was auditioning for, resulting in a very uncomfortable situation. There was also the deception about knowing French, which resulted in one of Friends’ worst plotlines and most skippable episodes. Joey’s lie about his rigorous dancing training was also one of the funniest auditions fans have seen him on.

When He Got Robbed

Matt-Le-Blanc-in-Friends-For-entry-Joey-lets-the-apartment-get-robbed.jpg (740×370)
“Well, Joey was born, and 28 years later, I was robbed!” is a fair summation of the situation and Chandler’s feelings when he returns home one day to see his apartment empty save for an entertainment center and Joey trapped inside.

When He Got Fired

Joey-is-fired-from-Days-of-our-Lives-and-his-character-falls-down-an-elevator-shaft-in-Friends.jpg (740×370)He could not afford to live in his new place and had to get everything he bought for the apartment repossessed. Luckily, his old room was still available, or else Joey may have been in some serious trouble. Thankfully, Joey learned a good life lesson here and watched his words carefully in future interviews, or at least tried to.

When He ‘Proposed’ To Rachel

Matt-LeBlanc-in-Friends-For-entry-Joey-accidentally-proposes-.jpg (740×370)
Joey frantically tried to defuse the situation, but could not do so before Ross found out, and the thing became a point of severe tension for all, especially since it looked like Ross would propose to Rachel had Joey not accidentally done so.

The Entire Falling In Love With Rachel Saga

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At first, Joey fell in love with Rachel. The sticky situation popped back up later and got amplified when the two actually got together. Not telling Ross about it and him walking in on them kissing led to a meltdown and put Rachel and Joey in a very awkward place early in their short and arguably doomed relationship.

When He Kept Monica & Chandler’s Secret

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Joey’s incredible care for his friends and loyalty to them was a massive part of one of the show’s best storylines, as Chandler and Monica hide their relationship from the rest of the group. In helping them do so, though, Joey put himself in several awkward moments.

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