17 Tiiiiiiiny Inconsistencies in TV Shows That Are Actually Quite Annoying

1. Angela revealed on The Office that Dwight was the biological father of their child, despite Dwight taking a secret DNA test the previous season that proved he wasn’t the father.

“Is it possible that the test was just inconclusive? Is it true that she paid the doctor to give her a negative result?! I would have had some questions if I were Dwight!”

2. Although Cheryl and Jason Blossom are twins in Riverdale, they are two years and a grade apart in real life.

“The Blossom twins are Jason and Cheryl. Jason and Polly Cooper, whom he dated before his death, are the same age, but Polly is older than her younger sister, who is the same age as Cheryl. How is it possible for a set of twins to be a year apart in age?!”

3. Despite appearing in the first few seasons of Family Matters, the show pretended that Judy Winslow, the youngest daughter, didn’t exist anymore.

“She played the youngest child on Family Matters for several years and then vanished, as if she had never existed.”

4. Nebula, Topanga’s older sister, appeared in an early episode of Boy Meets World, but Topanga later claimed she was an only child.

“And don’t get me started on Cory’s baby brother, Joshua, who was born at the end of Season 6 but only appeared as a 4-year-old at the end of Season 7.”

5. Malia was 9 years old when she missing for eight years in Teen Wolf. Despite her massive educational gap, she was able to enrol as a high school student without difficulty.

“You’re telling me a girl with only a third-grade education jumped right into senior year?”

6. Rachel was introduced to Chandler for the first time in the pilot episode of Friends, but flashback episodes revealed that they had met and kissed several times before that.

“At least three times, Chandler and Rachel were introduced to each other! Once in the first episode, once at the Gellers’ for Thanksgiving, and once in a flashback when Central Perk was a bar.”

7. In Parks and Recreation, when Ron was adamantly opposed to having a cellphone (until Diane forced him to get one), despite having one in previous seasons.


8. In Gilmore Girls, Sherilyn Fenn played two major characters (Anna and Sarah) throughout the series, despite the fact that they were completely different and unrelated to one another.

“How did they think we wouldn’t notice?” says the narrator.

9. Between Seasons 1 and 2, Jesse’s last name changed from “Cochran” to “Katsopolis” on Full House.

10. In Season 7, everyone tried to teach Michael how to ride a bike, but he bought a bike for the toy drive around the office in Season 3.

11. In Brooklyn 99, Terry’s wife gave birth to Ava, a baby girl. Who is never seen or mentioned again, despite the fact that Terry’s other daughters appear frequently throughout the show.

“Where did Jake’s godchild go?!”

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