14 of Phoebe’s Best Fashion Moments on FRIENDS

From “Friends,” here are Phoebe’s 14 best outfits.

While carrying triplets, Phoebe looked stunning in a beaded jean dress and yellow top.

In this sunny yellow top and jean dress with beaded detailing around the hemline, Phoebe appeared unconcerned (despite her intense mood swings) that she was pregnant with her brother’s triplets.

Leggings were paired with a fun graphic T-shirt by Phoebe.

Despite the fact that this episode aired over two decades ago, Phoebe’s black leggings and graphic T-shirt look is still popular today. In addition, the milkmaid braids finished the look and kept her hair out of her face during the football game.

A long necklace and an oversized sweater looked effortlessly chic.

Phoebe’s roomy yellow sweater appeared to be both cute and practical. Despite the fact that she probably chose to wear a long, loose top to avoid aggravating her severe case of chickenpox. The look was finished off with a long, beaded necklace.

In a long black buttoned dress, Phoebe took command.

Despite her annoyance with Rachel and Monica (to the point of grabbing their ears! ), Phoebe looked stylish in this long, button-front dress with a white long-sleeve top underneath.

This polka-dot gown flowed beautifully and was ideal for a wedding.

Carol and Susan’s wedding attire was formal enough for the occasion without being too flashy or uncomfortable for Phoebe.

Phoebe nailed monochrome with a variety of patterns and textures.

While trying to reason with Monica, Phoebe also demonstrated how to achieve a monochromatic look. It was brilliant to wear a tied denim button-down over a flowing blue floral dress.

At a party, a sheer yellow gown with a corset dazzled.

Phoebe donned this sheer gown with a form-fitting bodice for a more formal get-together with friends. The outfit, like Phoebe’s, was unusual and creative.

In a patterned red dress, Phoebe channelled a more retro, summery look.

phoebe buffay friends red dress
While Phoebe was panicking over finding a thumb in her soda can, she kept her cool in her cute red dress.

Phoebe looked stunning as a bride.

Her bridal gown was form-fitting and featured unique ribbing and cap sleeves for an elegant look with a twist. It was ideal for Mrs. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock, the new Mrs. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

To seduce Chandler, she donned a blue velvet ensemble.

In an attempt to get Chandler to reveal his secret relationship with Monica, Phoebe wore a dark, patterned bra underneath her deep blue velvet blouse and skirt.


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