5 Important Elements From HIMYM That Were Lost By The Series’ End (& 5 That Stayed)

The hit romantic sitcom How I Met Your Mother followed Ted Mosby as he navigated friendship, success, and, of course, love over the course of nine seasons. Making the series essentially about a father, telling his children was a brilliant idea stories about his search for love were used to tease the audience and add another heartwarming layer to the storey. However, not all the show’s original concepts were carried over.
While some aspects of the show remained familiar to viewers and were brought full circle by the final episode, others were completely forgotten. There’s a reason why fans were so disappointed with the series finale, as several key elements were lost by the end.

Stayed: The Show’s Comedic & Heartwarming Tone Never Fails to Make People Smile

 The actors’ exceptional ability to deliver lines with the appropriate emotion for each scene. When a joke was need to lighten the mood, they had comedic timing. All contributed to the humour of the series.

The Support of the Main Group has been lost.

Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin were like brothers and sisters for the majority of the series. When life took a bad turn, they were there in any way they could. That endearing dynamic began to crumble during the final season, and while they do make the point that friendships fade, it was handled a little too casually.

Stayed: Lily and Marshall are an excellent example of a couple.

When Lily is having a difficult time at work, Marshall is there to support her, and when Marshall feels his body has grown too old, Lily steps in to help him feel young once more. They’ve had their low points, when it seemed like a major fight would tear them apart. However, the two have always managed to talk things out and work things out.

Lost: The Struggles of the Characters in Their Professional Lives

Aside from the main storey of love, the main characters had other things going on in their lives, the most important of which was their careers. Ted was a broke architect who decided to teach at a university. Robin aspired to be a successful reporter; Marshall aspired to be a judge; and Lily aspired to be an artist. Even Barney had episodes where he was seen working.

Stayed: The Dating & Single Life Struggle

Even in the final season, the majority of the episodes revolved around at least one of these characters attempting to date someone and having the relationship fail at some point. While Ted, a hopeless romantic throughout the series, never gave up on love, Barney and Robin were more cynical about it, at least until they fell in love with each other. Until the very end, the series was about the struggle of love. When Robin and Barney divorced and Ted became a widower.

Lost: Barney’s Personal Development

Finally, the series’ abrupt change in his character jeopardises his promise to always be honest with Robin. With his sudden selfishness, which ends his marriage with Robin, his genuine growth into a more sincere person makes no sense. Although it was nice to see a hint of his final transformation after having a child with one of his one-night stands, it didn’t make up for the confusion of his reverse growth prior to that.

Stayed: Ted’s Love Life Has Always Been the Center of Attention


Whatever else is going on in Ted’s or his friends’ lives. The show has always returned to tell the stories of Ted’s many attempts to find Mrs. Mosby, some of which are more wholesome than others.

Lost: Ted’s Character Growth

Ted had the opportunity to move on from Robin in the episode. Where she finally put an end to their romance and moved out of their apartment. Ted does move on by the end of that character arc, except he doesn’t. And he still hopes that Robin and he will be reunited.

Stayed: The Audience Was Connected With The Most Relatable Personal Stories

Robin had to overcome her afraid of commitment by the end of the series. Lily had to get ready for her first pregnancy. Marshall still had a long way to go before becoming a judge. Barney struggled to be a responsible adult, and Ted was still looking for love. The series also tackled real-life issues like bereavement, childhood pain, and anxiety, all of which are heavy topics that many people can relate to.

Lost: The Importance of the Mother in the Story

The writers’ decision to do with the mother by the end of the series was probably the biggest gut punch. After waiting eight seasons to see the protagonist Ted find true happiness in his love life. The series glossed over their relationship before returning to the Robin/Ted ship that was supposed to sink in Season 2.

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