How I Met Your Mother: Every Guy Robin Dated

Robin was always linked to Ted and Barney in terms of romantic relationships, but she dated other men throughout How I Met Your Mother’s nine seasons.

Robin had a long romantic history with Ted Mosby and Barney Stinson, but they aren’t the only men she dated in How I Met Your Mother.

 Cobie Smulders played the core figure for all nine seasons of the CBS sitcom from Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. Robin initially joined the group at the focus of the series after dating Ted, but she eventually cemented her own spot among the gang. Over the course of How I Met Your Mother, Robin embarked on a handful of serious relationships as well as various romantic flings before reuniting with a familiar face.

When Ted first met Robin, she was a news anchor who had just moved to New York City after spending much of her early life in Canada. Robin was scared away by Ted’s rushed romantic gestures involving a blue French horn, but they formed an on-again-off-again relationship shortly after. As Robin focused on her career, her feelings for Ted lingered and were evidently made more complicated after a sexual encounter with Barney. After Barney declared his true love for Robin with his Playbook’s help, the pair got married, which served as the focus of How I Met Your Mother‘s ninth and final season. While Robin and Barney tackled marriage, Ted was building a life with the “Mother.” Years after Robin and Barney amicably split, Ted’s wife sadly passed away. At the encouragement of his kids, Ted reunited with Robin in the series finale set in 2030.

Aside from Ted and Barney, Robin had three other serious relationships throughout How I Met Your Mother. First, there was Don Frank, Robin’s unprofessional co-anchor on Come On, Get Up New York! during season 5. When Don transformed his behavior, the two entered a relationship. Robin rejected a job offer to stay with him until he left her for that same position. Next came Kevin Venkataraghavan, Robin’s therapist from season 7, with whom she fell in love. Kevin ended up proposing to Robin multiple times, but she realized he wasn’t happy at the notion of never having children. Last but not least, Nick Podarutti was a man who Robin had a crush on in season 6 before officially dating in season 8. When he became too despondent, Barney helped Robin break up with him by claiming the two still harbored feelings for one another.

The Various Men Robin Casually Dated In How I Met Your Mother

Before the events of How I Met Your Mother, Robin had a few boyfriends, as seen through flashbacks. Those names included Gordy Beliveau, Turk Grimsby, and a boy named Brian. There was also Simon Tremblay, who was featured in the Robin Sparkles’ music video for “Sandcastles in the Sand.” Simon and Robin rekindled their romance years later but he dumped her not long after. As for the other men that Robin casually dated, some were more memorable than others. Out of the 15 that she had multiple dates with, viewers would recognize Derek the multi-millionaire, Gael the “rebound guy,” Curt “The Ironman” Irons, and Max, Marshall’s law school friend. Included in those 15 men were five who each gifted Robin a dog before Ted forced her to send them away.

To round out Robin’s romantic history in How I Met Your Mother, it would also be imperative to break down her various romantic flings. In addition to her serious relationships and potentially labeled boyfriends, there were a few guys that Robin had casual encounters with. Over a dozen characters would have fallen into this category during Robin’s arc. Among the most notable were Sandy Rivers, Mitch the “Naked Man,” Stan the security guard, and another one of Marshall’s friends named Brad.

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